How to deal with depression |Lets Help the Needy

Hi Guys !

This post of mine is different and probably the most important post out of all my work spread over a period of 2 years .

It’s about a social issue or rather a taboo which even I had to bear the burnt of .But luckily, with support of family, I came out of it.Unfortunately not many are able to and they plunge into depression.


It’s about the problem of Vitiligo-White patches on skin !
It pains me to see people especially children,teenagers committing suicide or going into depression due to vitiligo for no fault of theirs .
So I want to re-share my real life story whereby I defeated depression (which I too plunged into due to  Vitiligo /white patches  only ) after a long struggle with the sole purpose of reaching out to maximum people suffering from Vitiligo or are into depression for whatever disease .
Here’s the link to my real-life experience :
Please do share / reblog the original post (link of which is given above)  as it would be great if my experience helps out even a single person. Thank You !!

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