9 Most Helpful Podcasts For Freelancers And Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to be their own boss. While freelancing certainly has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks. One of the biggest challenges to self-employment is time management. As a freelancer, it can be difficult to find the time to keep up with the latest updates and learn new, relevant skills in your field. Podcasts specifically made for freelancers are a convenient way to absorb valuable information and insights about freelancing. You can easily listen to a podcast and learn something new about freelancing while cleaning, exercising, or working. Here are a few of the best podcasts for freelancers :

The Remote Show

The Remote Show is a new podcast aimed at remote workers and companies who are interested in transitioning to remote work. The hosts discuss the advantages of remote work for businesses who are looking to hire a remote workforce as well as individuals who are either already freelancing or hoping to get into freelance work. The host tries to help potential remote workers and remote employers decide whether or not this work style is suitable for them. The latest episodes discuss topics such as tips for finding remote work and the best tools available for freelancers.

Clients From Hell

The Clients From Hell podcast is dedicated to assisting creatives to navigate the wild landscape of freelancing. The host, editor Bryce Bladon, interviews recurring guests who each offer advice and tips for freelancers. “This podcast is based on a highly popular Tumblr blog that covers the same topics. Some of the most recent episodes explore the difference between freelancing and consulting, and project management for freelancers,” according to Elle Russell, a freelance blogger at Essay Writing Services.

Being Freelance

Being Freelance is another podcast created for creative professionals. Hosted by Steve Folland, the podcast interviews freelancers to gain some lessons and insights from their freelancing experience in their creative field. Each episode of the podcast centers around the creative freelancer and their story. The latest episodes interviewed an illustrator and animator, a filmmaker and digital artist, and a digital marketer.

Being Boss

Being Boss is a podcast with creatives, business owners, side-hustlers, and other entrepreneurs in mind. The host, Emily Thompson, touches on a lot of important aspects of freelancing. Emily focuses on helping listeners build the right mindsets, adopt the right habits, along with other helpful tips for freelancers. The last few episodes covered marketing strategies, the concept of hustle, and the necessity of caring for yourself throughout the process.

Creative Elements

The podcast, Creative Elements, is hosted by Jay Clouse. Jay interviews some of the world’s most incredible creators to find out why they decided to pursue their path. Each episode focuses on the story of one creative in detail and the lessons they learned during their creative journey. The most recent guests included a designer and calligraphy artist, a business owner, and an illustrator.

No More Watercooler

No More Watercooler is hosted by Matthew Knight, the founder of a community called Leapers that supports and promotes the mental health of freelancers. Instead of asking each guest for their story and most useful tips, Matthew simply asks them how they are. This podcast honestly touches on crucial topics like mental health and the stressful reality of working for yourself.

The Side Hustle Show

The Side Hustle Show is a podcast that offers ideas, tips, and strategies for part-time entrepreneurs. The host, Nick Loper, interviews successful entrepreneurs to help listeners learn from their amazing stories. This podcast covers key aspects of freelancing such as marketing, sales, website design, social media strategies, and more. It also explores a variety of side hustles including freelancing, self-publishing, and passive income methods.

Freelance Jumpstart Podcast

This podcast is geared towards any freelancer, entrepreneur, or creative who is looking for strategies to grow their business. The host, Nathan Allotey, discusses questions such as how to market your business, what rates you should charge, and where to start as a freelancer.

The Freelance Friday Podcast

The Freelance Friday Podcast is hosted by Latasha James who created this podcast for digital service providers and business owners. The episodes talk about a range of topics from building confidence as a business owner to tips on content creation workflows.


As freelancers, time is your most valuable resource. The ease and convenience of podcasts for freelancers allow you to learn on the go and enhance your skills as a freelancer.

Emily Henry is an experienced freelance writer who contributes to several blogs and publications. She often writes about freelancing tips and strategies.

Photo Credit: Various Respected Photographers from Unsplash [dot] com


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