डिप्रेशन के रोगी की मदद कैसे करें | डिप्रेशन हारेगा आप जीतेंगे-Part 3 (Final) | Depression | Anxiety

If any of your friends, family members, relatives, or dear ones is suffering from Depression and/or Anxiety disorder & nothing seems to be working for them & they have lost all the hopes – then this Video is for YOU !!

My father suffered from depression for 9 years but eventually, he came out of it. Having seen him suffer for so long, it is my dream to move a mass campaign to spread awareness about Handling Depression so that Person concerned as well as Family members of patient may get relief & useful information in any form.

Based on conversations I had with my father regarding his depression & anxiety as well as my experience of taking care of him over the years, I will be making a series of Videos to help my friends suffering from Depression / Anxiety. Even if 1 person is benefitted, I will consider job done.

Here’s the 3rd & final Video of the Series ( in Hindi Language for my Indian Friends) :

Please share this Video & help me reach the needy in maximum numbers. Google: Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi & go to the ‘Health & Spirituality’ Section of my website to read useful articles on Depression & Anxiety or Reach: https://the-passport-souls.travel.blog/category/self-development/



Link to Part -1 :


Link to Part-2

Mental Health is important , So are you ! Take Very Good Care of Yourself !!

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