Bodh Gaya – Where Buddha got Enlightened

India is filled with thousands of spiritual journeys which one can walk any time in the wake of finding themselves amidst the chaos of the world or to reconnect themselves with the supreme deity.

The enamouring state of Bihar got its name from the word “Vihara” which means monastery or a place occupied by monks . The region has significant Spiritual sites of all major religions – be it Hinduism , Jainism , Buddhism , Sikhism and Islam.

Spiritual Questions and Answers|Meditation Series|Part-1

Hello Dear All A very warm welcome and Namaste from India ! Well for the convenience of our fellow Spiritual Seeker friends, we have compiled Top 15 Questions that we have been asked via Mails / as Blog Feedback / as Comments below our Vipassana Meditation Video along with their detailed replies . In the…