Spiritual Questions and Answers|Meditation Series|Part-1

Hello Dear All

A very warm welcome and Namaste from India !

Well for the convenience of our fellow Spiritual Seeker friends, we have compiled Top 15 Questions that we have been asked via Mails / as Blog Feedback / as Comments below our Vipassana Meditation Video along with their detailed replies .

In the Part -1 here , we will be sharing 7 questions & their explanations while balance 8 questions will be shared in Part -2 , to be published next week soon.

( Have translated some questions received in Hindi Language to English for ease of readers )

Let’s start the Raw & Pious Spiritual Knowledge Sharing , Here we go :

Q.1 “How many hours one can sit continuously after Vipassana ? “

My Views 1 :

See Vipassana or for that matter any form of meditation in itself cannot help you to increase sitting capacity. Rather its the other way around i.e. with practice , eventually sitting time gradually increases and so does probability of experiencing good Dhyan session . But my humble suggestion would be , please keep on doing meditation for as much time possible , don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to sit for longer hours forcefully. Once you will start getting the feel of vibrations , automatically you will wish to stay in Lotus Position for longer duration .. Remember – ” Things should flow , not forced/guided in Meditation because otherwise , if forced or bounded by rules , then it will just be another technique or method developed by us humans and not the real alignment with mother nature , isn’t it ? So yes, Discipline is important but I won’t recommend very rigid and calculated rules, for there aren’t .

Please understand 1+ 1 is not essentially 2 on spiritual path . I mean nothing is fixed . Aesa nahi hai ke ye karlo toh sab ho jayega . No, it doesn’t work like that in Spirituality. How much time one should sit for Dhyan , after how many years of Meditation a practitioner can experience mystics , what rules to follow to get enlightenment etc etc .. There is no fixed or correct answer for that …No one can answer these things correctly because fact is nobody knows and more importantly , single correct answer for these question doesn’t exists. Everyone has his / her own journey , his/her own experiences which in all probability are unique and different from others .

Hope this helps.


Q. 2 I have guru mantras( method of meditation). I repeat in mind and do not speak. But I can’t concentrate at home so can I go Vipassana to get results ?

My views 2:

Sorry. You won’t be able to do that at Vipassana Center for two reasons :

a) Their will be continuous audio ( meditation instructions ) playing when you will be in meditation hall .

b) They will repeatedly request you very politely that for those 10 days while you are in Vipassana Camp , please leave everything you know ,just for 10 days follow the instruction given .So even if you wish to, you won’t be able to ignore their instructions because in such a pious environment , you will feel guilty from inside because it will be a kind of cheating with people teaching Vipassana .


Q. 3 I am also planning to join post covid but I have a doubt . Will Centers like Lahli , Rohtak, Haryana, India (where i want to join) have trainers of similar level as they have in big cities or from place of origin?

My Views 3 :

See best part about Vipassana is that all the primary instructions related to Meditation are pre-recorded in the voice of Goenka ji himself. So irrespective of which centre you will go to for 10 days camp, everywhere they will play exactly same recorded instructions & discourse only ..only difference can be stay & food arrangements or in after session query resolution but largely , it will exactly be same including routine. I hope this answers your question.


Q.4 My camp is scheduled in within 8-10 days. I don’t have any prior experience of meditation. What should I do? What to prepare? I have strong will to attend the camp.

My View 4 :

“I have strong will to attend the camp” – Your Half the job is already done with this because its truly psychological stuff in most cases that decides hows one gonna act / perform.Rest , please don’t be anxious. Its not an exam where one may fail..no , each and everyone will come out as a learner , as a winner here .. As for little basic preparation , you may practice sitting in Lotus or any other meditative position with back erect for longer duration so that you don’t feel odd once you reach there ..secondly, please lighten your dinner a little which anyways will help you in any which way..That’s it.


Q.5 My ultimate motto for this Vipassana Meditation is to focus on research and I am kind of Lonely person. I am also suffering from depression. Whether this Vipassana Meditation will help me to reach my ultimate goal to focus not only on my research but at the same time, to fight with my loneliness things. I want to observe my emotions. Don’t want to react on unnecessary things. I am also not a kind of outspoken person. Also, I have a small medical condition that Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) where i have to use CPAP device while sleeping. For that I need one three pin plug point. Whether this facility is available. Also I am obese person. Please advice.

My View 5 :

After going through the details shared by you here, I would suggest you to please postpone your program of attending the vipassana camp a little. Please give yourself a little more time to get stable , continue the treatment prescribed by your doctor and only once you start feeling a little stronger & emotionally stable from within, you should think of going for Vipassana. I am saying this because I have felt by my own experience that you can actually benefit from Vipassana camp only when you are not judgemental about its effectiveness to cure any particular medical condition or emotional issue i.e. when you go there without looking forward to any particular benefit.. Moreover brother, you will surely be fine in coming days. Believe me, you are not alone experiencing this loneliness or depression. Millions of people around the world are going through the same. Just try to go all out to come out of this shell . In any case you are feeling bad , so there is absolutely nothing to loose for you. So everyday at wake up and at sleep time, tell to yourself- I will be fine, my mind can’t get better than me . I am stronger. whatever happens, I have to come out of this shell…it will surely help you. You may also refer a wonderful book by Matt Haig “Reasons to stay alive”.

And you may draw strength from this real life fight back story : https://the-passport-souls.travel.blog/2017/09/04/how-i-tamed-a-monster-called-vitiligo-just-never-give-up/.

I will pray for your good health. Thank you .


Q.6 ( Translated from Hindi ) What about third eye and our six senses? Are these things for real ?Please reply

My views 6 :

Sorry I won’t be able to comment on third eye and sixth sense because I have not experienced any of them till now so it won’t be fair for me to say anything on it

Follow up Question : Why haven’t you experienced it so far and what about 7 chakras ?

My view on Follow up Question :

I would like to politely state that in 4 years of my spiritual journey , what I have understood is that more than the 3rd eye or chakras or anything which is a fantasy until you experience it yourself , the whole purpose of meditation is to make one realize how to lead a meaningful life .And when I say meaningful , I mean that we are able to be relatively calm from inside , we are able to feel the pain of others and try to offer maximum possible support to lessen the anxieties of concerned. It also means that we ourselves too should get trapped into vicious cycle of over-thinking .We must not hurt someone else intentionally , we should not do anything with ill-will which may invite negative vibrations from other person .

And for this to happen , we have to have more of love , compassion , kindness for others rather than hatred .We have to have utmost respect for others belief & understanding which may not necessarily be in line with what you think. Now problem is ,If we try to imbibe all these traits through forced efforts externally, it becomes very difficult & more often than not , it will be short lived change . That’s because its kind of forced .

That’s where Meditation helps as it felicitates development of these feelings naturally. Again , I cannot generalize but it has certainly helped me in this way.

On a concluding note , I as an individual really don’t look for any magic or light or powers etc as such out of Meditation .Yes, during initial days, definitely infatuation was there and excitement was there to see & experience something so called Mystic.

I remember my reaction when I heard the humming sound so loudly for the first time while being in Dhyan (Meditation) , I was so happy and pumped up as I thought it was my Eureka Moment as far as journey of self is concerned. But eventually , over a period of time , I realised that all this is not worth it , it is not what one has to find about self through Meditation.

And coming back to your question that why have I not experienced 3rd eye or Chakras per say so far ,Well all I can say is that may be I am not disciplined enough in my routine as I should be.

But I have certainly experienced peace & calmness due to meditation and I could actually sense vibrations while there at Vipassana camp.so That’s it.


Q. 7 After vipassana course , for clam mind & health , should I take vegetarian diet or Non veg diet is also ok ? Please answer .

My View 7 :

While at Vipassana Camp , they strictly advise to go for Vegetarian { or rather Satvik food as we call in India } specifically throughout life. And I too am a vegetarian for that matter ( had my share of eggs earlier though) however, having said that, I must also tell you that I have met some very Senior & serious seekers who believe that food doesn’t affect their Sadhna (Meditation). They further quote examples of some Buddhist sects residing in cold places where non-veg is allowed .

Again in some sects, for instance Aghor in India, you are supposed to treat each element as exactly the same, nothing is good or bad in their perception and hence you are not supposed to differentiate between different food items as good or bad .

But , as a conclusion, I would request you and suggest you to please go for Vipassana, maintain a vegetarian diet during and at least sometime after Vipassana Camp while continuing your Meditation .Once you start experiencing Vibrations substantially , then you may experiment by having non-veg food if you feel the craving for same. Then observe its affects on your Sadhna.

If you feel, having non-veg after Vipassana creates a feeling of guilt or it somehow affects your Meditation experience, then obviously you would get your answer . Else, if it doesn’t affects your Dhyan (Meditation) in any which way , then you may take your decision accordingly. Bottom line is , you may ask or listen to anyone but please take decision only based on your very own experience.

Hope the explanation helps. Namaste 🙏


This was it for Part-1 Guys . Hope you found it to be helpful. Do share the feedback in the comments section please .

Watch out this Space for Part- 2 of this series .

Meanwhile , you may go through another Blog of ours where you will most likely find answers to your queries regarding Meditation & Spirituality in General :

Namaste & Take Care Guys. Be Safe.Corona Will be Defeated Worldwide – Certainly and Soon.

# Cover Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

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