Wanderlust Festival called Travel

Ahoy buddies !

Well I have been thinking to write my travel blog since long but for one reason or other, I just couldn’t & it took me more than 6 years to actually put tea to lips as I happily donned the hat of a doting husband, a patient baby sitter and a loving father in between before my ardent traveler soul completely took over me,resulting into a series of tours/Vacations – Kerala,Goa, Udaipur, Shimla, Naddi/Mcleodganj and the very recent,Jim corbett in India along with Dubai ,Singapore & Malaysia.



” What do you earn by travelling so much? Why are you wasting so much of money in travelling,? Are you insane, there is no  better place than Home ” et cetra, et cetra, et cetra.

O my my my !! I really pity these poor souls asking me such silly questions for they are unaware of the very charm of travelling which imbibes in you a sense of belonging and a strange but comforting intimacy  even in an unknown place surrounded by people speaking languages sounding completely alien to you.It shatters ones own cow web and let our horizons expand into the infinite world of creativity by creating that inexplicable connect with so many different people having such diverse cultures & tastes.


You just cannot put into words that soothing and warm feeling  that one gets while having a conversation with  a fellow local of a far away land ,often backed by unheard fascinating stories,myths and facts (some true while others being exaggerated very sweetly).Experiencing the cuisines,the attire,the festivals and the entire aura native to a place other than your own, makes you feel enriched and full.

Nevertheless, I better cut short my feelings  ,for those who travel don’t need my speech and those who don’t ,will really not give a damn to my writing.

So minding my own business,I come straight to point – my travel diaries !! Well I am gonna put the “Chapter 1 – Dubai ” as my next post very soon and believe me,no matter what,you just can’t get over the glam & glitter of Dubai,so please watch out for debutante chapter of my travel blog.


P.S. – Before I pen down my first diary,any suggestion from my enlightened friends regarding writing travel diaries  is so being looked forward to.

Till then, Keep supporting folks !

See Ya !!


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