Methods You Can Use to Improve Your English Skills

Whether English is your first language, or you are still familiarizing yourself with it, there are still lots of skills to learn. Becoming fully fluent in a language requires years of progress and development. Anyone can enhance their English skills no matter what level they are currently at in their journey to fluency. Here are…

The Benefits of Tutoring for Your Child

One of the most important things you can do for your child is to provide them with supplemental education outside their classroom. This allows kids an opportunity they might not otherwise get, like getting help from qualified teachers who know what specific needs exist in each individual student’s life situation and then work on those areas specifically; helping improve performance both before and after school starts! Tutoring has many benefits including improving overall grades while also providing tailored learning experiences based upon current strengths or weaknesses which give students access to new topics beyond what’s offered at home…

Top 5 Scams to Avoid while visiting Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is one of the most famous ancient temple complexes. It’s on every visitor to Cambodia’s must-visit list.

As Cambodia is heavily reliant on tourism, scams are rampant, particularly around popular tourist sites like Angkor Wat. The easiest way to avoid any scam is to know the con.

That’s why we bring you this list of the five most common scams in Angkor Wat.

How to Set Attainable Life Goals When You’re Feeling Lost

Setting attainable life goals is a great way to get yourself on track and create a vision for the future. But if you’re feeling lost and out of touch with where you want to be in life, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Here are some tips for setting attainable life goals when you don’t know what direction you want to go in:

4 Tips for Overcoming Depression

Want to prevent depression from ruining your day, or even your lifestyle? Then not to worry! Here are 4 helpful tips in overcoming depression :

Best Way to Clean Tiles Effortlessly

Everyone wants to step into sparkly clean homes with shining tiles but maintaining cleanliness is not an easy task. The kitchen tiles in particular are subject to many tough stains. If you want your kitchen to be swanky clean, you need to be regular in cleaning and not necessarily wait for a specific day to clean. Regular cleaning takes less time and you do not need to put in long hours. Extra effort and time saved, right? You can maybe use that time for some other important task or leisure. Catch that movie you’ve been waiting to watch maybe?

Stock Market is performing but My Stocks are not – An Insight

How many of you have been in a situation whereby all major benchmark indices (both local & global), be it NASDAQ, S&P 500, NIFTY, DJI, etc. are going all guns but still your portfolio looks red?

Well, in all probability, each one has been there at some point in stock trading/investing. Let’s try to understand why exactly we find ourselves in such a catch 22 situation before eventually glancing over the possible solution for the same.

How to get to Belize on a budget

We were advised by my girlfriend’s university that to extend our tourist visas, all we need to do is exit the country and then re-enter… simple. We chose Belize. Belize is a Caribbean country just outside of Mexico.

Indian Stock Market | A Brief Tutorial for Beginners

The Charm to invest in the stock market has always been there across the world and same is now rising in India as well. In this tutorial, we will take you through the basics of investing in the Indian stock market. We will cover topics such as how to choose stocks, how to monitor your investments, and how to make profits. By the end of this tutorial, you will be ready to start investing in the Indian stock market. Let’s get started!

13 Reasons Why Cash Is King for Stock Market Investors

Whether it is in the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or more complex methods such as derivatives or options. One of the most important things to remember regardless of what tactic you’re using is that cash is king.

4 things to add to your go-to kit

Rahul and Nishtha are a travel blogging couple who often writes about health and spirituality. They blog at  …….. The one thing we have been doing since August 2021 is preparing for a family trip once things settle down. Almost every month, we tweak our itinerary based on the changing circumstances. It’s quite a…

The 10 Biggest Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Today’s business world requires having a website. This is true no matter the size of your business and what industry you are in. However, if everyone has a website these days, then you have to have an outstanding website that not only looks great visually but also has loads of features and functionality.

It’s really common for small businesses to have websites that just aren’t up to scratch. What are some of the most common mistakes small businesses make when it comes to website design? Here are the 10 most common mistakes to avoid at all costs :

9 Most Helpful Podcasts For Freelancers And Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to be their own boss. While freelancing certainly has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks. One of the biggest challenges to self-employment is time management. As a freelancer, it can be difficult to find the time to keep up with the latest updates and learn new, relevant skills in your field. Podcasts specifically made for freelancers are a convenient way to absorb valuable information and insights about freelancing. You can easily listen to a podcast and learn something new about freelancing while cleaning, exercising, or working. Here are a few of the best podcasts for freelancers :

A Very Happy Gurpurab | Festivals of India

Originally posted on Inside Out With Rahul Yuvi:
India is a land of countless festivals  each one of which has got its own flavor & significance .  Today also , we are celebrating a very auspicious day  here in India ,  which has been perfectly named as #Gurpurab where ‘Gur’stands for Guru/Master/Teacher and ‘Purab’ means…

Book Review : Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday

Originally posted on Inside Out With Rahul Yuvi:
INTRODUCTION One of the most distinctive traits of a successful person is their interest in self-help books. Reading in itself is an exercise to your mind. Also, when you start gaining values of life, you start becoming the better version of yourself. Self-help books are a personal…