Dubai City Guide | Chapter 2

Continued from my last blog , Dubai – Chapter 1

Eventually, we reached our Hotel – Corp Executive Al Khoory Hotel on Al Wasl road and it looked wonderful.


Day -1

We reached Hotel at around 7:30 pm  and were greeted by two gentlemen – one from India & other from was good to see the chemistry between the two.I wished our countries shared the same  warmth too.

(#Tip 1- Choose your Hotel yourself, even if your are going through a travel portal.Just check the price band of Hotel they are offering , find few better hotels in the same range at or similar websites and let travel agent arrange any one of those for you)

Since I had pre-ordered an  Indian meal for supper at Dubai Mall, we rushed with our check in and straight away headed for Dinner.

See the thing is , we Indians love to travel around the world,wear best of the foreign brands,carry accessories of high end western tags but when it comes to food, nothing makes us feel better than having our very own Indian food and an Indian delicacy in a foreign land tastes 20 times better . Hence The India Palace & The Indian Pavilion



I intentionally booked evening meals on all three nights at Dubai mall since  that way you can watch the spectacular Fountain show behind Dubai mall everyday along with the beautiful Burj Khalifa without wasting Dirhams on  hefty taxi rentals.

( #Tip 2 – Pre book your dinner  at any of the Dubai’s popular central place from India itself along with pick & drop as taxi charges are relatively high in Dubai )

Day -2

Next day , Prado came bang on time to pick us up for scheduled city tour of Dubai.Of all the places that we have visited over the years,this city tour really stands out.They gonna show you some really wonderful stuff  and usually ,the guides are very informative .The more the guide tells you about miraculous making of Today’s Dubai with a span of few years ,the more you feel attached to this City/State of UAE. Have a look at some of the remarkable places we visited during City tour.

The Heritage Village- beautifully crafted artificial village showing rich Arab Culture


Jumeriah Mosque -The only Mosque of Dubai which is open to Non-muslims (including women) :


The Burj Al Arab – Apparently the world’s most expensive Hotel,situated at Jumeriah beach which is the probably only public beach of Dubai where rules are little relaxed for tourists to enjoy :


The Palm Islands – No words can justify the this man made miracle.Dubai has played God by  creating a world over water, defying all laws of nature :


(# Tip 3 – Just tell your guide that you are a Shahrukh Khan Fan and he will go all out for you.They just love him there)

In the evening, we went for Dhow Cruise.While the cruise ride was fun ,especially the Arab dance but the food was pathetic .We were told that its the same story no matter how expensive cruise you book.



Day after ,we left for Ferrai World at Abu Dhabi .That ,buddies, is a magical world in itself.Its brilliant.Its spread over such a huge area and has so much to experience that you need to be clear before hand what all you gonna do there .


The biggest attraction of Ferrari world, “The Thing” and the Daddy of all rides is the “Fomula Rosa – World’s fastest Roller coaster”.Ghosh !! That scares the hell out of you but believe me,once done, you feel like you have achieved something in your life  .Just watch the  video  here  Formula Rosa and you will get to know what I am talking about.

Just after the ride I tried to play cool by showing that oh,this ride was a cake walk for me but Shittt !! My pictures with horrible expression (made out of fear ) were flashing all over the big screen fixed near the exit.A no. of  my foreigner friends were laughing ,they were like  hey,just look at him . I felt so embarrassed that it took me less than 20 sec to reach the other end of Ferrari world. 🙂

(# Tip 4- Carry your  water  bottles before leaving your hotel everyday, for water is relatively very expensive at most places in Dubai ).


Then came the last day, when we decided to roam around all by ourselves.

A very interesting incident happened that day.We hired a taxi, the driver switched the live commentary of cricket match between India & Pakistan .”Pakistan has just lost another wicket” said Ravi Shashtri from commentary box.Since driver looked Indian and he was speaking hindi too,so I confidently jumped and shouted saying ” Wow man ,India will blast Pakistan today,what do you think ?” ..”Sir, I am from Pakistan” ,he said .One minute silence followed. 🙂 🙂

Nevertheless , we enjoyed Snow world,Emirates Mall  before my smile was short closed by my wife ,Nishtha with her Pierre Cardin shopping .


The Lost Chambers ,Atlantis,Palm Island- the beautiful Underwater marine world was our last stop at Dubai before we returned to Hotel and started packing for Departure on the following day.


(#Tip 5 – Do opt for The lost Chambers as that’s the best and cheapest way you can enter and roam around the famous Atlantis The Palm Hotel ,yes the same where SRK’s Happy New Year was shooted. Hotel, I promise you, is much better than the movie was)

Finally came the unfortunate departure day.With very heavy hearts and extreme reluctance, we left for airport and said a final adieu to the  magnificent Dubai – a home to  largest airport,tallest building,largest shopping mall and the most expensive Hotel in the world.


Miss u Dubaiiiiiii !!! You are rightly called Singapore on Heavy steroids  🙂

That’s it for this time guys .

You may like to read the Chapter 1 of Dubai series here :

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You can Reach me  at  Inside Out with RahulYuvi

Namaste !


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  1. Next I get a chance to visit will surely go!! Thankx for wonderful suggestion!!

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  2. RahulYuvi says:

    Formula Rosa ride at Ferrari is a once in lifetime kind of fun for its the world’s fastest roller coaster!!

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  3. How well you described and enjoyed with wonderful tips!! True hope too see the good chemistry between two countries soon!!! Have to see the Ferrari world yet!! Hope next time I see !!

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