Book Review | My True Angel by Invincible Publishers

my true angel


 Written by :  Irshad Thalakala

Published by : Invincible Publishers

When Invincible Publishers ,Gurgaon, India  recently offered me to review  few books out of their recent launches,  in less than 5 minutes, I chose the subject book to review first among all .Don’t know why exactly this particular book drew my attention instinctively.May be what did the Trick was the ‘No Fuzz’  Title backed by  a Preface of a equally simple story line which each one can so easily relate to !

Being a day off , I started reading this book today morning itself and finished reading it in one shot just few hours back .Here goes my Review :

  1. The Content :   Well as I just commenced reading this novel , the first few pages failed to build any substantial interest because of extremely predictable  turn of events and a rather casual introduction of various characters including that of Protagonist. However  as I continued reading, the human emotions started to pour in the narration ,  the story started taking some shape  and eventually , interest level escalated over next few minutes which continued for larger part of balance novel , except for a few generalized paragraphs which are avoidable.  So as far as content is concerned , Writer really deserves some claps for       incorporating human emotions so beautifully in between lines , thereby making sure that even a simple love story ( a blend of 3 stories actually) comes across as a really interesting read !  Though a sharper editing  could have made made this otherwise good read a even better one !! 
  2. The Verdict :  A very good attempt by a first time writer , where you actually feel the pain or the joy being experienced by the Protagonist Iqbal at various stages and you are forced to think what you would have done if you were in similar situation .Besides, other characters too (that of Payal for example)  are close to what we across in real life.Further ,the way this novel put across a very beautiful message of solidarity,unity & love among different religions is really appreciable. 
  3.  A Word for the Writer :    Very well done Irshad ! Considering this is your first novel and writing is your passion not profession, you really deserve appreciation for this effort..Keep writing buddy but just a request – In your next novel , in order to bring in an element of suspense so as to  make narration a little more unpredictable  & hence interesting , please do focus on some play of words which will in turn enhance the charm of various characters as well  (the way they are introduced, the way various twists & turns are to be put across etc. ) so that all your further write ups end up as Best Sellers ! Best of luck & Congratulations !! 

To Readers :    I hope you find  my review helpful.Would love to hear your feedback !! 

Namaste & take care  !

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  1. Sanal says:

    Good work the author.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Friends ; it was a excellent book I read after long break .

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