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While we all understand the adventure, fun, and excitement of being a full-time traveller however what we seldom notice is that being a full-time traveller requires the fight to find ways to sustain it and hone one’s skills as a writer and photographer.

I mean who doesn’t like the beautiful photos of exotic locations on Instagram, most of us even save it as wallpaper on our phone.But we conveniently overlook the difficulty the travellers face- not in terms of the effort required, but in terms of receiving returns for their efforts. Goes without saying that Hard-work is necessary for improving skills and being successful, but not being able to receive due returns  is the real struggle. Photographs are being sold for a fortune in different countries but in India, scenario is quiet different .The photographers here are devoid of this opportunity to enjoy well deserved acknowledgement & returns.

Travel Shelf

In the lieu of above facts , TravelShelf Exclusives is an initiative  to provide an opportunity to travel photographers to collect the appreciation and return for their work. A marketplace to buy exclusive photo prints, clicked by selected travel photographers. For each photo listed, only 10 prints will be processed ever. Be a collector of beautiful and exclusive photos.

You might find a photograph suitable  for the walls of your office or home, to gift a friend or you can simply collect the exclusive piece as an investment in the photographer’s brand name. The photos are from micro-celebrity photographers aspiring to be mega-celebrity photographers. Support them by buying their prints, which are beautiful and on a budget.

TravelShelf is an initiative by three travellers aspiring to solve issues of being a full-time traveller focusing on managing the content and monetizing the content. After launching a digital shelf and influencer campaign platform, they are launching TravelShelf Exclusives.

For any query or information. Contact them at 8604696969, 7602051150 or

Reproduced & Published on Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi

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