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While waiting for a plane to catch in the waiting area, I noticed a couple travelling with a baby girl of about 3 years of age. The mother was feeding the child and what a smart mom she was, she brought out pouches of milk powder from her hand bag, those small pouches of 5 gm or so of milk powder which they serve on trains or airplanes along with sugar and tea bags. She cut open one such pouch with her teeth and poured the content into the open mouth of her child, the child sucked on to the milky powder and gulped it down then opened her mouth wide again for another bout, again the mother brought out another similar tiny pouch and repeated the same. After 4 such pouches the child was satiated. The mother was happy, she had supplied quick nutrition of milk that too without the messy affair of hot water, spoon, bowl, washing,drying etc etc.The smart mother looked up and caught me spying, i smiled and returned her gesture the best way I can imagine.

Hence… I turn my attention to the “note” app in my phone and jott down the incident as “airport diaries ” The best place to be when travelling I find is the… Airport, yes I found that out in our recent trip to Rajasthan when we had to change planes with a waiting time of 4/5 hours. The  moment you enter an airport the world changes, a totally air-conditioned atmosphere, clean air to breathe in, what a relief from air pollution outside, clean walls greet you, no paan spits, thank god for that and no urination marks either.. disgusting!! The floors are smooth and even, no ups and downs, even i could do a clean catwalk on my heels.This time at Delhi airport i experienced another pleasure that of not walking but moving ahead… ya guys a moving metallic road strip just like elevators. Also a great place to exercise though, miles and miles of space at least metro cities have large airports… in the small airports too you could window shop for ever and burn all those calories, even though the place is large you won’t get lost, how much ever you wander you are sure to come back.. thus happened with my son, i could leave him wandering around and did not become tense, he usually always came back to us… because there are no exits. Coming back to shops.. O M G!! .. what exuberant shops they have, Delhi airport, I saw shops of all foreign brands… I could only gaze and slither away… not having the courage even to ask the price… but I did show an air of dignity, as if i am not interested!!! the food plaza… awesome… I think I saw the freshest fruits and vegetables there than anywhere, though a tad costly, but you don’t get to taste Hagen daz ice-cream everyday, Airports are a treat for sore eyes like mine, I always get to see sick men… coming at me coughing or vomiting all unclean and messy(being a doctor of a government hospital) .. but here even the security constables are so damn handsome, the airport ground staff so well groomed and dressed… I could forever go on looking at them… ha ha ha… jokes apart I truly find the airport as the best place to travel to.

Fortunately for you guys, my boarding call has come, and I will stop my babbling and stupid rantings for a while.


I am back

Hey there!! Me again!! ohh bother… started writing again now from inside the aircraft. The air-hostess is teaching us terrible mumbo-jumbo. I have heard it seen it demonstrated so many many times but still I don’t think I will be able to inflate that life saving jacket on emergency water landing. Also this is the first time i saw a wig.. and from very close quarters. The air-hostess was standing just next to me was wearing a wig. At first impression even i an avid observer of minute details thought it to be natural hair… then i gave a second look… and true to the fact it was a wig. A jet black colour, i kept gazing at it, it had the blackest of black colour with an authentic shine. Each strand of hair was in place. The crown of thick hair gently framed the face. The air-hostess looked younger too. Her original thinning hair was swept and tied up like a bun over which the wig was placed… giving a blunt layer cut and since it was indigo flight she had a blue hat atop at a 6E (sexy) angle, everything is fine otherwise but i can’t imagine what would happen to the wig in occasion of her having to really use that water jacket… ha ha ha ha… I’m again laughing at my own joke. But one tends to think about it so many bizarre things that people do like trying to open the aircraft door thinking it to be the toilet!!!. The air-hostess has be ready for everything and also look out for the flying wig..

Post Script : Just when I had stopped smiling I notice a second air-hostess wearing the similar wig but the colour is dark mahogany… and the smile returns back.



Kanchan Biswas loves to introduce herself as a Mother , a Wife , a Friend and  a Doctor based in West Bengal having a great sense of humour. She expresses herself at kanchanbrainwave. blogspot. com


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