When my Blog was accessed across 17 Countries on Chirstmas 2018

#BreakingTheBoundaries #GoingGlobal
Morning of 26th December , 2018
The clock read 7:40 A.M. ,  a familiar & refreshing smell of Cardamom Tea along with usual soothing chirping of birds graced the dawn’s paraphernalia .
A beautiful but routine morning so far ….till I checked my wordpress app and the  virtual Jingle Bells started their play as my blog’s stats read as under :


#InsideOutwithRahulYuvi  was accessed across 17 Countries on 25th December,2018.

I could not believe it at first and refreshed the Stats page again & again only to be confirmed about this wonderful event !!

My happiness knew no bounds . And Guess what , the trend has continued yesterday & today as well . Looks like Santa has stayed a little longer for #InsideOutwithRahulYuvi

Just want to thank each one of the readers ,admirers, critics , followers , my fellow blogger friends and everyone across the globe who is showering so much of love on my write ups !


I wish every blogger wakes up tomorrow with even wonderful statistics .Keep Spreading Love !! 🙂 🙂
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