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Restaurant Being Reviewed:  Relish Fusion Cuisine and Bar

Address:  Arpora, Goa

Bio:  Mid-extend Bar Cum Restaurant

Cooking styles offered:  Primarily Indian

Feasting Cost for Two (approx.):  Rs. 800-1000

The Review

Location & Vicinity : 

Around 3 km from Baga Beach, Relish is situated on the happening Calangute – Anjuna street, Arpora and is approachable pretty effortlessly. Attributable to the beach region,  a shoreline walk around ,  before or after the meal,   is something that works in favour of the restaurant. In addition, there are a couple of superb bread shops around the eatery if one needs to chomp a few baked goods  before bouncing onto the main course.

The Feel of the Restaurant :

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 The restaurant has got  an appealing Ambiance . Right from the basics to the add-ons , everything looks simple yet beautiful . The utilization of hues, surface and the entire illumination scheme gives  mitigating and serene vibes which are extremely inviting, considering the high adrenaline and boisterous day that one generally spends while in a place like Goa. Beautiful music in the background only makes the set up better.

So as far the decor is concerned, while it may not be one of those ‘high on brand’  sort of  flashy eateries, however it’s surely a place where you will feel happy to sit & dine at .

Let’s talk about the Service :

 Going by the time taken to serve the order,  “Amazing” would certainly be an overstated adjective however , still , a “Quiet Good” would absolutely not be a misrepresented compliment for the service at Relish.

Courteous conduct of the serving staff, the levels of tidiness and the manner in which the sustenance is served does successfully compensates for the little-deferred dish preparation.

The Food Of course  :

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How exactly is the Food  ? ?

Alright then, the answer to the question that matters most is here :

It might seem like a buzzword, however the sustenance at Relish are somethings that you will savor for long. Good Food . Particularly, if on your third or fourth day of Goa excursions, you are searching for some scrumptious Indian delicacies (subsequent to  Goa’s shoreline shack food ),then Relish is definitely the place you are looking for .  Drinks won’t upset you either. For Desserts, well the choices are very limited but the taste is again wonderful .

The Judgement :

Restaurant Review Final

Mulling over every parameter that one chooses for deciding whether to or not to visit an eatery, particularly when you have so many choices  readily available all over Goa, it would not be detrimental to say that Relish won’t disillusion you.

In particular , People looking for some good  vegetarian food gonna love everything at Relish .

My Rating: 4 / 5

Post Script :

To the Restaurant Management :

I would want to emphasize & request to the administration of Relish to  work on & reduce the time taken to get the order ready so as to raise the Guest’s otherwise good feasting  experience with you into an Excellent one. Widening the options in Desserts is also desirable.


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To the Readers :

I trust you discovered this review as  a useful one.

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