Cha-Sha Cafe |Review |Best Restaurants in Kurukshetra


A very common thing that happens with most of the ardent travellers is that after a while , they feel a very strong urge to re-explore their very own city /town from a tourist’s perspective i.e to locate & experience those unique , wonderful & must do things in their hometown , just like they usually do while being out of station .

This urge first struck me about an year back when one fine day , I just picked up the car keys , went around my hometown as if that was my first day in the city & eventually wrote a detailed Blog – Rendezvous with The Land of Karma -KURUKSHETRA ! (Incredible India) 

And Kurukshetra District Administration Team was kind enough to feature the same on their Official Facebook Page back then :


A similar feeling hit me again very recently. But this time , under the influence of  typical cold breeze of a winter evening, I took it upon myself to explore the Cafes and/or the street joints of Kurukshetra selling the best or at-least a different  kind of  sizzling hot beverages . And as the luck would have it , I ended up at what you can call the tea den of our city – Cha-Sha (punjabi version of Chai-Shai)located right opposite of Telephone exchange at Sector-13 junction .


#Ambience :

The very first glance at the Tea shack & you know that you have arrived at the right place . The colours , the texture , the props , the furniture , the entire paraphernalia has been so beautifully done that it reflects the thought process that must have gone into the making of this cozy space for Tea lovers.


What’s all in the store ?

They say , more than the  text, the clicks have better readability & impact . So why don’t you checkout the Menu  straightaway :


How’s the Tea Honey ?

The question of the moment is here .

Well I tried only two of the various options available  – the Kadak Masala & the one with the Kesar  Shahi Zafrani .


Believe me , the taste & essence of both of them was wonderful . The Shahi Zafrani in particular was excellent, bole toh maza aa gya !


#Watch the Live Video of Hot Tandoori Kuladh Tea in making at Cha-Sha here :

An Honest Tribute to Tea -Lovers @ Youtube ! #Cha-Sha


So does that mean Everything is Hunky Dory here ?

Yes , pretty much . Except that the space is relatively limited  & the buildings etc. in the immediate  vicinity  do little justice to the whole feel that Cha-Sha convincingly promises to generate . Also , the shack opens only after 4 :00 pm.

The Final Verdict

Just Go for it , Cha -Sha won’t dissapoint you !!

A  few words for the Management :


Only thing lacking at Cha-Sha is nature . Try and get in some beautiful indoor as well as outdoor plants , settled in some really creative & decorative vases .

Best Wishes !!


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