Dandelion in a Desert | True story of courage, grit and hope

A Remarkable & Truly Inspiring Real Life Story of

M/s Kena Shree

A wonderful co-league , an artist par excellence and a very good human being – that’s how I used to know  Kena Shree Mam, my senior at the company we work for.  Infact, many of us who themselves write or recite something , are  fan of her work – the way she host huge events , literature festivals , interviews , her blogs and of-course , her poetry .But all of this was valid  only till last week .Man , I was so wrong about her .  Let’s find out why .

 I happened to watch  her Video very recently on You Tube, titled “Kya Tum Khush Ho ”  (translates to Are you Happy ? ) After watching the video, I really felt guilty as if I have belittled her so far because of the kind of simple adjectives that I used to use while referring to her  (like the ones mentioned above ). She is MUCH MORE than that .

She is probably one of the bravest persons I have met and I bet, after watching her describe her real life tryst with a life threatening disease,you too will second me on that .

I , along with my wife,  watched it thrice in the same go and believe me , we had tears in our eyes by the time video ended on all the three occasions . Tears resulted as we could feel the pain she went through , Tears resulted because we could sense the sheer bravery & remarkable resilience that she showed while going through the ordeal, Tears resulted because we realized that we & probably many others ,  just cannot match this graceful lady’s Zeal for life .

Watch her explaining everything in this video  below & you will wonder how can somebody put across the diary of hardships in a such a light & joyful manner !!

Kya Tum Khush Ho by Kena Shree :

Hats off to you Mam , you are a True Hero and a Great Inspiration for all of us .  I am sure the thoughts & the experience shared by you will impart much needed courage to others in distress . Thank you for the Video .


 For the Readers 

Please do share the video / this article so as to help it reach maximum people . Who knows, it might just reach the needy !


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