Rendezvous with Top Indian Sand Artist | President Awardee Mr Ajay Rawat

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

How true is that . Because once you start exploring different places & cultures with an unprejudiced and open mind  like a true traveller (  unlike a typical  tourist ), that’s when the probability of meeting with exceptionally talented people goes on a surge.

And in this blog , We are going to present before you the real life story of exactly such a talent . Meet Mr. Ajay Rawat from Pushkar , Rajasthan .

We are sorry, allow us to correct ourselves in introducing this great magician of sand (as local people fondly call me) – Meet The President Awardee and one of the best sand artists of Rajasthan , Mr. Ajay Rawat :

Mr.Ajay Rawat, Sand Artist
Mr. Ajay getting awarded by Honourable President of India, Sh.Ram Nath Kovind for his exceptional work as Sand Artist

Before we go any further , have a look at some of his best sand work that have been appreciated by one and all :


Brilliant work of art, isn’t it !  He is so aptly called the Desert Man of India .

Without delaying any further , lets hear about the Life journey of Mr. Rawat, from the days of struggle to the current fame & success that he enjoys today ,  in his very own words  ( Minor modifications in vocabulary & some necessary editing in language has been done by us but the facts , feelings & expressions are  totally Mr.Rawat’s ):


“Khamma Ghani Friends ! (Khamma Ghani means Hello/Greetings in Rajasthani Language). I am Ajay Rawat – a sand artist from Rajasthan . I was born in a farmer’s family in Ganaheda, a small village adjacent to the sandy areas of Pushkar in Rajasthan state of India.

My romance with sand started one fine day when while passing through the sand dunes of Pushkar on my way back from the temple, there was heavy rain and hence small water  pockets emerged in the path itself . I too got soaked with water and silt. That’s when I casually sat on the soil, took some clayey soil in my hand and started making something out of it . And Eureka !!! An idea that was about to change my destiny had just struck me .


That very moment itself, I started thinking that the whole of Rajasthan has got a vast pool of sand, so huge that there is just no dearth of it. So why should not I take this hobby of clay making more seriously , why should not I make efforts to convert this beautiful play of sand into a full fledged art. All these thoughts were crossing my mind repeatedly in a loop as I was walking back home. I knew there and then itself that this journey back home isn’t an every day walk, the next day would mark a new beginning. And that’s exactly what happened. 

The very next day I again went to play with Mitti (soil /clay) and made a face on the clay  followed by making of ‘n’ number shapes and sculptures. Gradually , this casual playing with clay turned into my passion . I  kept on trying to do one or the other small art work on the clay whereby improving my art as I raised my level to making  some perfect sand artifacts myself  without any formal training.

However not everything was hunky dory as during the time when this urge to excel in the field of sand art  was at its peak , I some what lost interest in studies and  eventually , I left them totally .

As this happened , I encountered a flurry of uncomfortable questions from people around . Infact , many of them used to laugh at me thinking I am some fool who is taking a child’s play of sand art way too seriously . None of them could imagine back then that this sand art will help me meet & greet honourable President of India , Sh. Ram Nath Kovind Sir himself  . Mr. President really appreciated my Art.


Th reason I think I succeeded is because I kept my vision constant ,  ignored all unhealthy & unpleasant volley of  harsh words and just kept moving.  I started making sand artwork on every possible  event that was organised in & around Pushkar which increased the awareness among common people that there is this guy called Ajay Rawat who literally brings sand to life with his art

By Almighty’s grace , my years of  hardwork  has finally paid off  as today I have emerged as one of the best sand artist of entire Rajasthan as well as that of my beloved country India . I have now represented my homestate Rajasthan many times at the International Sand Art Festival and have been honored locally many times.


I am striving to give Rajasthan a new identity as the land of sand art by organizing the Art of Sand Dunes exhibition every year at the International Pushkar Camel Fair, where the art and culture of Rajasthan through sand art are being presented on a larger than life campus. Infact , as you are reading my story , I am engaged in the preparations of Pushkar fair, where I want to welcome millions of local and foreign tourists by making some exceptional & best sand artworks.

So this was my story . I so look forward to hear your feedback in the comments or vide mail.

Also , from the bottom of my heart , I would like to invite you all to visit Pushkar fair in Rajasthan India  & experience this peerless Indian culture .

Thank you for reading my story patiently .

Ajay Rawat,

Father’s name : Sh. Kundan Singh Rawat,

Mother’s name  : Smt. Phumi Devi,

Email :

Twitter :  Sand Artist Ajay on Twitter 



We really hope you found the honest & straight from the heart story of  Mr. Rawat motivating & inspiring .You may like to check out some of our other equally exclusive Travel Blogs from across the world  here :

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Namaste & Take Care till our next post.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Ruma..And Credit for all the photographs goes to Mr. Ajay Rawat himself .


  2. It is a wonderful blog ..Every picture you have posted in your blog that Tells a story.

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  3. आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद, मुझ जैसे कलाकार को अपने लेख में शामिल कर मेरी कला को अधिक लोगों तक पंहुचाने में मेरी मदद की, आपकी लेखन शैली का में कायल हु, गज्जब की लेखन शैली, व्यवस्थित ओर चयनित शब्दो के द्वारा अपने इस स्थानिय कलाकार को क्या खूब लिखा। पुनः आपका हृदय से धन्यवाद। यह मेरे लिए किसी पुरस्कार से कम नही। आपका राजस्थान में बहुत बहुत स्वागत अभिनंदन है।

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