12 terrific sites to visit in Dubai

Dubai is a city and emirate in United Arab Emirates that is known for unique modern architecture, luxury shopping and lively nightlife. Dubai has some contemporary, luxurious and oh-so dreamy hotels and resorts in the world. Every year thousands of tourists visit the country with so much love and excitement. Dubai is popular for its ultra-modern architecture which why it is popular for Burj Khalifa and shopping where you will find all the brands of the world.


Upon first visiting Dubai, you’d be forgiven for thinking the city’s official sport is shopping. With some 96 malls across the city, there’s no better time to find that perfect dress, exquisitely tailored suit or quirky memento. But the city’s shopping hubs offer far more than retail therapy, with indoor theme parks, cultural attractions and much more.

Dubai not just have stunning sites to visit, it has some thrilling adventures for their tourists as well as exotic dishes and scrumptious cuisines. To know about the country and its places read below.

Here is a list of terrific and some amazing places in Dubai to visit:

  1. Both children and the young at heart are in for a treat at Dubai Aquarium, one of the largest and most stunning aquariums in the world! Stroll through a 48-metre tunnel, with the aquarium enveloping you from overhead and around. It’s a complete fish-eye view, with sand tiger sharks and stingrays swimming overhead.


2.An unconventional take on desert exploration. Complementing the repertoire of attractions that draw tourists from all over the world to Dubai. The Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve provides yet another compelling reason to visit the Emirate with its quintessentially Arabian experience. 

One wheel in your hand and four on the sand. A fascinating wildlife drive across Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in 1950’s vintage Land Rovers is an experience not to be missed.

3.A garland of the most vibrant blooms and rainbow freckles, Dubai Miracle garden sprawls over 72,000 square meters and is covered with floral sculptures and endless flower-beddings comprising of over 50 million flowers of 120 varieties.

Ripped out of your favorite fairytale novel. Visit the beautiful Dubai miracle garden for a natural escape and the perfect blend of magical moments that will leave you in awe.


4.It’s not just the great shopping experience that people fall in love with at the Dubai mall, but the artistic-lined corners too. Take a moment to stop and admire the view in an unrivalled atmosphere.

5.Hit pause on grown-up duty and swing into the Green Planet Dubai. With more than 3,000 species of plants, animals and birds, this green oasis is a sanctuary of exotic flora and fauna.Step into a living and breathing environment the green planet located at the heart of the city walk Dubai in Jumeirah.

6.Sitting right on the shore of the city’s iconic at Burj Al Arab at Wild Wadi Water Parkhas been thrilling Dubai tourists and residents young and old since 1999. With 30 rides and attractions themed around Juha, a well-loved character from Arabian folklore, there’s plenty to enjoy here.


7.If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a palace, or at least feel like you’ve visited one at Emerald Palace Kempinskiwill help cross that off your wish list. The 391-room, five-star luxury beach resort is dedicated to the finest elements of life. Guests are welcome here to immerse in an elegantly curated stay, dining and leisure experiences at this landmark destination on Palm Jumeirah, and discover Dubai’s iconic palace by the sea.

8.One of the most popular attractions in Dubai, with both residents and tourists, is the stunning Dubai Fountain. Truly a must-visit destination, the fountain is 900 feet in length, which is equivalent to two football fields, and has the ability to shoot water up to 500 feet, which is as high as a 50-storey building. It also has the ability to spray 22,000 gallons of water in the air at any moment, creating different patterns and marvelous choreographed water shows that are appreciated by thousands of spectators every day.

Possibly the world’s most jaw-dropping show. The Dubai Fountain jets up to 22,000 gallons of water as high as 140m in the air at any one time.


9.Dubai Frame is a captivating and world-famous architectural landmark. Also known as Berwaz Dubai, the structure is the world’s largest picture frame and perfectly outlines the sprawling old and new city vistas.

Elegant and unobtrusive, the 150-metre-tall and 93-metre-wide structure is designed around the Golden Triangle ratio, a mathematical formula used by architects – from the ancient Greeks to Le Corbusier – to achieve balance and aesthetic beauty. Not only is the structure an attractive addition to the city skyline. Inside there are exhibition spaces that highlight Dubai’s heritage and future visions.

10.For the visitors and the tourists from across the globe, the Global Village is one of the most anticipated attractions throughout the year, where different country pavilions showcase contrasting cuisines, traditional handicrafts, cultural entertaining shows and much more.

11.Treat yourself to an authentic meal under the sky, experience the magical quintessence of the Arabian sand just meters away from the sea, marvel at the setting sun against the city’s iconic landmarks and encounter the friendliest creatures as they stroll along the beach. We can’t think of a better meal setting to savors with your loved ones at the Dubai beach.


12.A trip to Dubai isn’t complete without a trip to the famous Gold Souk, one of the oldest and most fascinating traditional markets in the emirate. Long lines of market stalls showcase a gleaming myriad of authentic and eye-catching products; you never know when you’ll spot something just for you or a loved one.

Apart from stunning places to visit, Dubai has many adventure sports for its tourists in store. The activities include sky diving, sailing, water sports, desert safari, cycling and more.

Dubai not just have stunning sites to visit, it has some thrilling adventures for their tourists as well as exotic dishes and scrumptious cuisines. And if you wish to visit the country on your next holiday then just don’t miss these best holiday deals for Dubai

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