Ten Must Things to Pack When Visiting Uluru | Australia

Thousands of adventure seekers visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park within the famous Red Centre of Northern Australia to view the incredible red-coloured monolith that towers into the sky some 348 meters. Many continue their journey to see the 36 red-rock domes known as The Olgas within Kata Tjuta. The area is rich with spiritual value and incredible landscapes that only exist on land owned by Anangu people.

Lots of travellers wonder what type of equipment is necessary on their Uluru tour and others travellers just wing-it bringing whatever they throw into their bag or backpack. Here is a quick list of ten essential items travellers should bring with them when visiting this special UNESCO World Heritage Site that will enhance the experience.

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Hiking Shoes– Although climbing Uluru is prohibited, there are several kilometres of trails to hike. The most popular trail is the 10km hike around the base of the magnificent monolith.

Clothing- Summer time temperatures can reach upwards of 38° Celsius which is best suited for light clothing that covers your whole body such as a light breathable long-sleeved shirt. Similar pants will help protect your legs from the fauna and flora while hiking within the area. A broad-brim hat is great and even better if the hat can cover your neck. Winter time temperatures are as low as 5° Celsius and heavier clothes are advised such as gloves, long pants, jacket, and beanie.

Sun Protection- The UV levels can be devastating on a human body. The extreme UV levels recorded in the area range from 11 to 15 on the UV Index. Travellers are advised to bring sunscreen and lip balm to help shelter your skin from the UV Rays.

Photography Equipment- Whether you are a professional photographer or amateur just looking to document your adventure, bringing the right equipment to shoot photographs is important. Use your best judgement for equipment based on your level of expertise.
Binoculars-You should bring a pair of binoculars to help you view the incredible monolith and other features of the national park from a distance, it’s especially stunning at sunrise or sunset. Binoculars also help with spotting wildlife in the area like seven species of bats, red kangaroo, emu, and bird watching is superb.

Sunglasses – Protecting your eyes from sun glare is important while visiting Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The sun reflects in all directions off the rock formations and landforms like water holes. Polarized lenses are best but any type of protection for your eyes is advised to protect you from that hot Red Centre sun!

Insect Repellent- There are thousands of flies, mosquitos, and other types of insects in the national park. You should bring a spray-on and a lotion type of insect repellent to protect your bodies from numerous and painful bug bites. Packing a head net will also cut down on the possibility of bug bites on your face and neck.

Water Hydration System- If you plan on adventuring into Uluru-Kata Tjuta you need to bring sufficient water. There are numerous styles of hydration systems available that will hold enough water for hiking or when you are lounging around camp. Remember, you should drink a litre of water for every hour you are on the trail.

First Aid Kit and Emergency Snacks- Any time you undertake an adventure you should have a first aid kit. There are several species of reptiles that are poisonous and plenty of plants that can cause rashes and discomfort. Make sure you have a snake bite kit and appropriate creams in your first aid kit to help with bites and rashes. Emergency snacks are also a good idea and will help refill your body with the necessary nourishment to complete your journey.

Hiking Poles- If you plan on taking numerous hikes, you should bring hiking poles or a walking stick to help you hike. These items will stabilize you as you travel along the uneven terrain of the national park. They will also help make sure you don’t turn your ankle or injure a knee which can be devastating in the rugged terrain. Up until the end of 2019, it was possible to climb Uluru but out of respect for the local Aboriginal landowners this is no longer allowed. However the walk around the base is still a fantastic way to experience the monolith.

Being prepared before you reach Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park will enhance your experience.You may go for a fully equipped traveller’s truck too.

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Now you are ready to have an adventure of a lifetime while viewing one of the more special places in the Red Centre.


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