7 Simple Tips To Make Your Vacation Trip More Memorable


Humans, in general, tend to be suckers for happy memories. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s something that could tide us through tough times, whether they are safely tucked in one corner of our minds or a physical memento we can easily reach for in our home.

Oftentimes, we get those memories from vacations taken with family, with friends or a special someone. Trips, I guess, are really meant for creating special moments with those close to our hearts. And we’re immensely thankful for such opportunities to just let loose, and have a ball exploring old and new cities.

You‘re probably planning your next trip right this moment, so before you go on full planning mode, here are some simple tips that you can use to make the next one even more memorable.

1. Choose the destination you really like

This one is obviously a must when you want to make the most out of this vacation trip. But while this may look like an easy task to do, it comes with a lot of different questions that could make or break your trip.

Is your dream destination budget-friendly? If not, do you have the budget to splurge on this particular vacation? Remember, your budget is important for you to be able to determine whether you can afford this trip or not. It’s not wise to just go all out for a vacation you’ve been dreaming for so long if your wallet would cry foul.

The wisest thing that you can do is to save up for it, especially if you think that the destination you are eyeing is way out of your budget.

There are also other questions that you should address before you pick a destination including whether you need to hire a travel agent or you can just trust your DIY skills. Or would you opt to take a long drive or just fly directly to the destination?

Whatever you pick, make sure that this destination is what you really want, or what you’re really interested in.

2. Try different things

The fun thing about vacations is that you are faced with a lot of new activities that you and your companions can bond over. You have a wide range of options that you can choose from to make the trip exciting and highly memorable.

With all these adventure options, you may find it overwhelming to plan your itinerary. If in case you find yourself in this situation, the first thing that you should keep in mind is to prioritize activities that you haven’t tried before.

It’s best that you aim to invest on new experiences that you can share with your family and friends, whether it be trying the longest zipline in the region, skydiving for the first time or even as simple as trying out new delicacies at a native restaurant.

New experiences will surely be a good thing to look back on during reunions or during a casual conversation with the fam.

3. Capture every moment

While we’re enjoying the moment, I highly advise you to take lots and lots of photos and videos. Whoever said photos are return tickets to a moment otherwise gone knew exactly what he or she was talking about.

Even though you don’t feel like doing any of this on regular days, I’m sure a trip abroad or at a gorgeous vacation place will turn you into a photographer and videographer in an instant. And to be honest, you won’t regret it one bit.

These photos and videos will turn into a memory machine once you’re back home and going about your daily routine. Trust me on this. It’s worth the time and effort to snap moments while you’re there.

4. Plan it very well

I don’t what it is about vacations, but they always seem like they happen in just a blink of an eye.

The days leading up to your vacation dates feel like they are too far away from the present. But once you’re there, the whole vacation week feels like it’s just a couple of hours.

To make the most out of it, you have to plan it very well. You have to plot out your activities to cover everything that needs to get done during the trip. It has to go according to what you feel like will satisfy your adventurous soul.

Planning a trip well will allow you to properly schedule all the activities you have in mind, and of course, a window for some changes when you go through uncontrollable circumstances as well. This way, it won’t completely ruin the trip for as long as you have an alternate plan in case things don’t go according to the original plan.

5. Collect souvenir from each place

Like photos and videos or any other form of media, souvenirs are also a good way to remember your trip.

Imagine having a wall in your house dedicated for all the souvenirs you got from the places you have visited. It’s a time warp that could instantly take you to that certain time of your life where you had the best mojito by the beach in the Caribbean, or that one hell of a time you had in Russia.

No matter what type of object you intend to bring home, it will definitely remind you of that trip and will send you right to a nostalgic tour.

6. Get along with locals

Trips aren’t limited to just spending some time with those you know very well. In fact, this could be a good opportunity to gain friends that could make your trip even more memorable. And I’m talking about locals who know the place so well, they can give some tips and secret tours around the area that not many tourists know of.

Just by having a casual talk with locals, like the bartender at a club you stumbled into, or a seatmate inside the train, could lead to some of the best conversations in your life. It’s something that you can carry with you even when you’ve already gone home.

7. Have fun and enjoy

And the most important one of all, just have fun and enjoy every moment. Because, honestly, what else are you supposed to do in this vacation?

Don’t overthink it. It’s time to just execute everything that you have planned, and if things don’t go according to plan, just breathe and go with it.

You deserve this trip, so make sure that you exhaust every opportunity to live in the moment and have the best of times.

It doesn’t take much effort to create a memorable trip. To be honest, it’s really entirely up to you on how to make every trip worth the space in your memory bank. The most important thing that you need to bring is your best self, ready to enjoy this vacation to the extremes.


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