The Miracle Equation


One of the most distinctive traits of a successful person is their interest in self-help books. Reading in itself is an exercise to your mind. Also, when you start gaining values of life, you start becoming the better version of yourself.

Self-help books are a personal treasure to most of the people. The meaning of success might vary for you. But it is also true that you always want to step-up and improve your game. These books store the secrets and values of life that the author has gained.

And the most impressive part is they are coming forward to help you in your life. They are teaching us to break the negativity, step out of your comfort zone and achieve what you desire.

Here’s our book recommendation, which have a similar motive to pave positivity in your life. These books share the credentials to shape your perspective and help you experience the better you.

Book Title : The Miracle Equation

Author : HAL ELROD


The book truly stands on its name. The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod is a book with the practical processes to achieve the achievable. He shares the pathway used the world leaders and influencers for decades. And uncertainly, overlooked by us.

The book shows how with the help of 2-steps formula, you can achieve anything you want. More specifically, these 2-steps are the two crucial decisions of your life.

The first step is to have faith. Believe in yourselves and have trust your dreams. Secondly, put extraordinary effort. Your belief turns into desire, and your actions turn your passion into reality.

Hal Elrod has elaborated how you can turn your fear into faith. The methods through which you can channel your concerns into accessing your full potential.

Along with these emotional approaches, this book also guides to planning according to your goals. A plan to fight your anxiety, plan to overcome criticism and a way to develop your mission.

Hal Elrod has been a renowned author for his previous work in the same, self-help genre. And in this book, he has excelled the level of knowledge.

The book has affirmations to frame your brains and stories to motivate you at each point required. Overall, if you have found your destiny to achieve, this book will help you to set yourself on the fast-track and accomplish it.


This book solves the age-old query of, how to accomplish your dream. It shows you how through paving your mindset in the right direction, you accomplish your goal. Moreover, it prepares you for the upcoming critic and shed light on your way to achieve success.

If you find stuck, you can always refer to this book and it will help you out.

Content – 4.5 / 5  

Practical Utility in Real Life –   5/5 

Ease of Reading  –  4 /5 

Goodreads –  4.16 /5

My Rating – 4 /5


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