Depression|Anxiety|OCD|OCS| Loneliness|Mental Health Issues -Donot Worry,I am there for You

Guys I have to share something very personal and very important with you all . The title of the post must have made it very clear what its going to be about.

For the last few years, I have seen my father suffer badly due to depression(which initially I refused to even acknowledge as a disease) so now I seriously wish to connect with as many people as possible who are suffering from depression/anxiety & help them by hearing them out, by understanding what they all are going through and by trying to ease them out to the extent possible.

I am certainly not a doctor or psychologist but believe me, no one understands depression better than the family members of the patient. My experience of handling my Dad has made me understand how to calm things down when the person concerned gets uneasy & agitated.

I just want to reach out & help as many people as possible so that they may not have to suffer like my Dad did.

So please help me connect with such friends who suffer from depression, anxiety, loneliness i.e. those who feel depressed & Lonely for whatsoever reason.

They may please connect with me at Their identities will be kept hidden and private that’s a commitment.

While I may not be able to cure them medically, but I can certainly be a good listener & try my level best to answer their queries based on what all I have learned & experienced about depression through my Dad over the years.

P.S. for Patients: Please continue your medicines as prescribed by your doctor,that’s very important though you are more than welcome to share anything & everything with your friend at email id mentioned above.

Please help me reach out to maximum of such people by sharing/reblogging this post of mine.Thank You.

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