Best Way to Clean Tiles Effortlessly

Everyone wants to step into sparkly clean homes with shining tiles but maintaining cleanliness is not an easy task. The kitchen tiles in particular are subject to many tough stains. If you want your kitchen to be swanky clean, you need to be regular in cleaning and not necessarily wait for a specific day to clean. Regular cleaning takes less time and you do not need to put in long hours. Extra effort and time saved, right? You can maybe use that time for some other important task or leisure. Catch that movie you’ve been waiting to watch maybe?

Previously people did not pay much heed to clean because they were not so aware of good hygiene practices. Nowadays, people have become conscious of the good maintenance of kitchens. The best way to clean tiles is to be a regular cleaner.

Dividing your cleaning schedule

If you have a plan, it won’t take much time of yours to clean. You can divide your cleaning schedule into regular and deep cleaning. The kitchen sink and countertop can be cleaned every day and the tiles can be cleaned twice a week. Further, the exhaust fans or chimneys can be cleaned as and when required. We do it every month.

Finding the right product for the best way to clean tiles

There are umpteen cleaners available in the market and you can choose the brands that have the best reviews or you can discuss amongst your circle what the best way to clean tiles is.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the cleaning product I use to clean my kitchen but my recent experience with Cif Surface Cleaner Cream proved awesome.

While shopping in the store, the shopkeeper requested me to try Cif Surface Cleaner Cream, saying that it was the best way to clean tiles. I knew the brand as I have been using Cif Power and Shine Spray but was not aware of the Cream.

At first, I was reluctant to go by the advice but his persistence and my choice to try something new excited me to buy it. After all, I cannot deny that I have had a good experience with the Power and Shine Spray.

The cleaning mission!

The very next day, I was on a mission with my whole set of cleaning equipment along with Cif Surface Cleaner Cream. The best way to clean tiles was my theme song that specific day!

I dropped a few drops of Cif generously on the sink, countertop, and wall tiles and waited for some time to let it sit on the stains. I keep my kitchen clean but I still wanted that extra sheen with Cif and wondered if the shop representative’s words that it is the best way to clean tiles would be proven with this cleaning spree.

Once I started cleaning with my scrubs, wiping cloth, and Cif I discovered that it was easy to clean with no extra effort required. After cleaning all three components, I spread the cleaner on the floor under the sink and the corners. Did you know that oil stains sometimes splatter onto the floor tiles too? With my cleaning cloth, I could see some extra shine in my kitchen tiles after the final wash. One more remarkable thing I noticed was that even water consumption was less since the soap suds got clean in one wash. The crevices, the corners of the wall, and floor tiles were thoroughly cleaned.


The tough oil stains and grease don’t go away with plain water and soap from the tiles and countertop. Even the toughest stains came right off with Cif! I did not need to use a hard scrubber and put in a lot of strength.

In a few minutes, I had a sparkling clean kitchen. So, indeed it was the best way to clean tiles.

How could I not share my experience and the remarkable properties of Cif Surface Cleaner Cream amongst my family and friend circles? I was delighted to have found a product that consumes little time and energy but gives the best results. Isn’t that the dream?

I shared my experience with a few of my relatives who love cooking but not the cleaning part. I mean, come on. Nobody really enjoys the cleaning part.

The relatives I am talking about are working individuals who clean maybe once a week on the weekends. So their kitchen naturally had the toughest stains ever that they thought they could never get off.

One of them told me, “Thank God, Cif saved my precious time that I used to lose in cleaning. I am going to use this from now onwards. Sometimes, I should trust your instincts!”

So, my family approved of Cif and since then we have been using the products in their range.

Few Important Points to Keep in Mind

  • Keep your kitchen dry and clean to avoid mold in stored food.
  • Make sure there is ventilation, especially while cooking.
  • Use exhaust fans or chimneys when the stove is in use.
  • It is important to use a quality hand wash.
  • Vacuum your kitchen regularly so dirt doesn’t pile up.
  • Clean food stains immediately to avoid the buildup of grease.
  • Regularly wipe tiles and countertops to maintain hygiene. You can try my best way to clean the tiles.
  • Store food safely.

While constructing your kitchen space, a few things should be taken care of:

  • The kitchen space should be airy and enough light must be allowed inside.
  • Use tiles that are easy to clean. Kitchen stains are tough!
  • Use the best chimney/exhaust fan in the kitchen and don’t forget to clean/service it at regular intervals.
  • Define your kitchen area and choose materials that will be easy to clean. (cabinets, sink, and such)
  • Kitchen grease can be tough, so I suggest you choose closed cabinet shelves to avoid that extra cleaning of stains.
  • Make sure there is a lot of ventilation.
  • It is nice to have a little space allotted to grow kitchen herbs and other small plants.

Good habits to maintain kitchen hygiene

  • Get into a habit of using a trash bin with separate sections for wet and dry waste.
  • Change kitchen towels and wipe cloths regularly.
  • Wash the sink after all cooking is done.
  • Decorate spaces with indoor green plants to add an aesthetic look to the inside space
  • Keep the space neat and tidy.
  • Wash your hands when you enter the kitchen before handling food.
  • Clean up immediately after meals to avoid cockroaches and other insects.
  • Put away leftover food in clean containers with proper lids to avoid flies.

The above points that I have mentioned are not just points to remember. I have inculcated the practice and am happy. A clean, spick, and span kitchen motivates our cooking and mealtime. A clean and hygienic surrounding makes our home a beautiful place to live in.

My close family and I are now regular users of Cif and are equally happy with the results. My parents have joined our gang of cleaning with Cif. All of us believe that it is the best way to clean tiles and bring out a shine that says ‘brand new’ our home. You can join the team too by using Cif.

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  1. Prerna Wahi says:

    Seems like the perfect solution to clean tiles. Will check it out!

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  2. Deepa says:

    CIF surely makes cleaning easier and effective.


  3. Cleaning tiles is a task, but no more with Cif now!


  4. Rakesh Govindaram says:

    This is a very good article. Thank you for sharing your cleaning tips for the kitchen. 


  5. Pooja kumari says:

    There are no longer lingering odors or stains! Cif is a good product.


  6. Rakesh says:

    Cif’s efficiency is incredible. I appreciate how it makes my kitchen look as well.


  7. Pavan says:

    Cif is simple to use and produces a spotless kitchen in only a few sprays.


  8. vamsi says:

    Cleaning up afterwards is so tiring, I’m grateful to Cif for making it simple with just a few sprays.


  9. Anshika says:

    After reading your post I am confident that my kitchen cleaning time will reduce.


  10. Senthil says:

    Finally we have a product that makes cleaning the kitchen effortless.


  11. Surya says:

    Kitchen tiles are the first to bear the brunt of our cooking and it is so difficult to get those stains out.


  12. Kurra says:

    A very useful post. Thanks for sharing your kitchen cleaning tips.


  13. Cif is easy to use and gives a sparkling clean kitchen to in just a few sprays.


  14. Aryan says:

    I generally have 1 day set aside for cleaning the kitchen. Using Cif may make it quicker.


  15. Tamil kumar says:

    I like Cif and the advantages you have talked about. Ordering it right away!


  16. Shiva says:

    I really liked how Cif worked on my kitchen tiles too.


  17. Pawan says:

    I agree that kitchen tiles are the most affected areas after we make food and am happy that Cif does the cleaning in easy ways.


  18. Aayush says:

    There are a lot of products available in the market for kitchen cleaning but I like Cif the most.


  19. Niketa says:

    I just don’t like cleaning after cooking so thanks to Cif that makes my job easy in just a few sprays


  20. Satyam Singh says:

    Kitchen stains are definitely tough to get rid of. I loved this article.


  21. Shaik Fasil says:

    absolutely love the effectiveness of cif. i can vouch for it.


  22. aakashmalik says:

    Your blog post is very articulate and I enjoyed reading more about this product.


  23. Anshul says:

    Cleaning the kitchen and getting rid of tough stains is hard. The stains are so stubborn. I liked your tips.


  24. Neha Sharma says:

    I always struggle when it comes to cleaning the kitchen sink and tiles. This surface cleaner cream by Cif seems amazing, I am definitely getting it for my kitchen.


  25. anindya0909 says:

    This is so informative post and love the way you have explained the details and everything else. Thanks for sharing the post.


  26. I use Cif products too. They are indeed excellent! #DontJustCleanItCifIt


  27. pythoroshan says:

    Ooh… This looks pretty damn good. Was looking for a change from my present cleaner #DontjustCleanItCifIt


  28. pythoroshan says:

    Never tried this before but I definitely want to. Will check it out.


  29. mahekg says:

    I am totally join Team Cif, it looks so effective with minimal efforts. I am already impressed with this product.


  30. CINDY DSILVA says:

    Wow the Cif really keeps your tiles as good as new. I agree ventilation is very very important for the kitchen .


  31. Tiles are really bothersome, especially behind the stove and the one beside sinks. With product like this, it seems mission possible.


  32. Atulmaharaj says:

    Cleaning is surely a mission. Glad that with cif your mission was successful. Thanks for sharing the tips.


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