4 Ways to Get Better Returns from the Stock Market

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Disclaimer :?This article has been published Strictly for educational purpose only. Nothing mentioned in this article should be considered as investment advice. Trading is inherently risky and readers should therefore agree to assume complete and full responsibility for the outcomes of all trading decisions that they make,…

Om or Aum | The correct pronunciation

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Without using any jugglery of heavy and fancy spiritual words, I would straightaway like to answer  in simple words – 1. OM is a word while AUM is the sound of this very word OM i.e. Om is an auspicious word which should be pronounced as AUM…

15 Best Vegetarian Dishes From Across The Globe

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The market report shows that there’s a rise in people switching to plant-based diets. Veganism lifestyle has increased by more than 600% from the last few years. This implies that at least 6% of the American population identifies themselves as vegans. However, the impact is not in…

Small Plates Dining – a Gigantic Experience

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It may be all the rage in the restaurant world now, but call it tapas, mezza, or dim sum, small-plate dining has been a culinary staple of many cultures for centuries. People love small plates for lots of reasons. Eating is a social experience. Ordering a bunch…

Best Mughlai Restaurants in Mumbai , India

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# Guest Post    #EZ Life …………………………….. Food is one thing that brings peace of mind tagging happiness along with it. Well, every cuisine has its own culture, depending on the origin, like, Chinese cuisine has traditional flavours that talk a lot about their culture, Japanese cuisine…

Top 5 reasons to visit Ireland

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The Emerald Isle is a magical destination, full of mountain peaks, inaccessible and mysterious islands, desolate castles and warm and kind-hearted people. This Celtic country is full of jaw-dropping natural landscapes but it is also ideal for city breaks. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is…

International Career Boosting Internships available worldwide

Internships are a must with a top-notch institute after completing a professional degree to have a strong career. You can soar high after doing an internship and there are high chances to be absorbed in one of the best organizations based on your knowledge and aptitude.

Read on for challenges & solutions

A Business Cycle in the Economy |The Complete Guide

Most of us have heard the term ‘Business Cycle’ in one context or other , haven’t we? Well here we are, making a little effort to spread awareness & understanding about all nitty gritty of Business Cycle in the economy .

What is it and how does it work?

Business cycles quite simply refer to the ups and downs of a gross domestic product (GDP).These ups and downs, or expansions and contractions, repeat on a cycle. These are a common measure of finance in countries of a capitalist nature. They are sometimes referred to as trade cycles or economic cycles. What ever they are known by within a certain company, the concept is the same. Grow occurs through a boom and the company expands until a peak is reached.

10 Amazing Spots in Germany to travel with your loved ones

After a long pause, life is gearing up gradually. itinerary plans are chalked out and the public is flocking to exotic locations for a change. Even the tour and travel operator business is banging on after Covid 19 as people have started pouncing on online booking portals once again.
Germany is one of the spots invaded by tourists off and on. Last October to mid-December is the best time to visit Germany, which is historically rich and exquisite architecture. Let’s explore Germany together !

4 Ways to Get Better Returns from the Stock Market

Involving yourself in the stock market gives you the chance to make money as you invest in others. However, doing so can pose a challenge since you need to figure out the best companies to place your investments in. If you want to get better returns when you invest in the stock market, you should try these four ideas to help you out :

Buying And Selling Stocks: 6 Steps Beginners Guide

For many successful people, buying and selling stocks is an essential part of life. It’s a way of turning your savings into a consistent money-making venture with little effort. However, it’s not a good idea to simply jump into the markets without learning the basics first. With that said, the following six steps are what every beginner should follow when trading stocks for the first time :

Bodh Gaya – Where Buddha got Enlightened

India is filled with thousands of spiritual journeys which one can walk any time in the wake of finding themselves amidst the chaos of the world or to reconnect themselves with the supreme deity.

The enamouring state of Bihar got its name from the word “Vihara” which means monastery or a place occupied by monks . The region has significant Spiritual sites of all major religions – be it Hinduism , Jainism , Buddhism , Sikhism and Islam.