अत्यधिक सोचने, तनाव और चिंता से खुद को कैसे मुक्त करें | How to free yourself from Overthinking, Anxiety & Stress

Do you suffer from Overthinking, Stress & Anxiety?

If your answer to these questions is Yes, then this video is definitely for YOU :

4 Tips for Overcoming Depression

Want to prevent depression from ruining your day, or even your lifestyle? Then not to worry! Here are 4 helpful tips in overcoming depression :

Fruits|Vegetables|Vitamins| And You

Most people understand the significance of eating fruits and vegetables after they grow up. I’m one of those lucky folks who made green veggies and juicy fruits their pals during childhood. The result is pretty visible as I feel healthier, fitter and younger than most people of my age today. It makes me eligible to…

Healthy Lifestyle to follow during lock down ,WFH and beyond

Lockdown is a time for shutting down the door to unhealthy habits and pave the way for a healthy routine. You must understand that a healthy lifestyle is the way of living where both your mind and body are capable of performing at their optimal levels. As you know health during coronavirus is the epicentre…