Healthy Lifestyle to follow during lock down ,WFH and beyond

Lockdown is a time for shutting down the door to unhealthy habits and pave the way for a healthy routine. You must understand that a healthy lifestyle is the way of living where both your mind and body are capable of performing at their optimal levels.

As you know health during coronavirus is the epicentre of the concern. Not just about the people who are suffering from the virus, but also the people under the lockdown.

You must stay healthy during the lockdown ( and beyond ) as well as during long spans of Work from Home to maintain your work efficiency and a healthy lifestyle. Another reason is that keeping a routine reduces ” decision fatigue”, a condition where the decision-making ability of brains gets affected.

To help you out, we have come up with Healthy routine that you can follow during the lockdown/Work from home or even beyond. You can even continue this routine, in your day to day life, which makes sure your routine doesn’t get affected by the change in the situations.

Schedule a Day ahead


Our brain is like a supercomputer, working on millions of algorithms and commands accumulated over time by our genes. One common trait that is carried along from our ancestors is to complete a given task.

To make sure you don’t get backlogged with tasks during this lockdown, create a schedule a day ahead. More specifically, create a to-do list for the goals you want to achieve the next day.

The list can contain your desired goals which might be related to your work, your health, your family time, or the online course that you wanted to enrol yourself.

You need to make sure the goals are achievable to maintain the dignity of the list and show your brain that it is necessary to follow the list and complete the tasks.

Meditation or just breathing


To stay healthy during coronavirus pandemic attack, you need to keep yourself calm and bring as much positivity to yourself. The best way to achieve this is to practise meditating regularly.

As cliche as this might sound, meditation is a mental exercise, whose effect can bring an optimistic turn to your life. As a beginner, if you feel easily distracted, you can start meditation by focusing on your breath.

You should know that meditation is not just about keeping control of your thoughts. It’s about observing them and trying to bring the focus back on your breathing. 

The more you practise, the better the result will be. You will find that you are more focused, more relaxed and much more energetic once you bring a practice of meditation in your life.

Stretching and yoga


“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”, is a wise line stated by our scholars, explaining the needs of bringing the practice of yoga or exercise in our life.

Health during coronavirus has become the centre of the eye around the globe. Practising yoga and stretching your body to stay fit, appears a smart option for most of us.

The best thing about yoga is that you won’t have to step out of your house, you won’t require any special gear and much or less you can start practising it by learning it from Youtube and other online channels.

To start with, you can practice doing Surya namaskar. It is a chain of 12 yoga poses which focuses on joints and core of your body. As a beginner, try 12 sets of Surya namaskar, and then gradually keep increasing them. 

Water and Detox Water


The most common and useful health advice that we all have heard is to keep ourselves hydrated. Despite being such a crucial part of our well being, most of us often overlook the habit of drinking water.

To make sure you don’t fall under this trap most effective way is to carry a water bottle. Even if you are at your workplace or your home doing daily work keeping a water bottle in front of your eye will lead to an increase in water consumption.

With that said, it will be much beneficial for you to have at least one glass of Detox water a day. It is a fusion of water with fruits, vegetables or herbs which aims to detoxify our body.

To make detox water at home, you can use various fruits or herbs as per your choices. The more ingredient that you will use, more influential the taste will be.

Some of the popular flavours for homemade detox water are-

  • Turmeric and lemon.
  • Lemon and ginger.
  • Apple and cinnamon.
  • Cucumber and mint.

Take a glass of water, cut the ingredients into it and leave it into the refrigerator for next 1-12 hour. Remove the cuttings, and you can drink the water.

If you are in a hurry, take a glass of warm water and crush ingredients and strain out it once the flavour is released.

Cold Water Shower


Despite being relaxing, having a hot water shower can lead to hair loss, early ageing and acne. The hot water loosens our muscles and opens our pores, which let bacterias enter our skin.

On the other hand, cold water shower helps in tightening our muscles, keeping our pores close and protecting our body from germs.

To stay healthy during the lockdown and beyond, you must have a cold water shower daily. Not just on the skin cold water shower also helps in a healthy lifestyle.

It improves your immune system, gives you a boost of energy, and better blood circulation. Having a cold shower daily also results in becoming confident and bold in our day to day life.

Fix your mealtime


Staying healthy during the lockdown is a real challenge that we all are facing. Most of which is due to our unhealthy eating. Moreover, not just what we eat, but also when we eat is crucial.

We must have a proper mealtime which tells us when to eat and how much to eat. Usually, if you are going to spend most of your day just sitting around, your food intake must be less.

To have a healthy eating habit, you should start by cutting your eating time into multiple intervals a day. Instead of having a full meal together, break it into small parts.

It will reduce the pressure on your body to digest your food in one go. Also, you will work more effectively as your energy will be focused more on the work than the digestion.

If possible, consume at least one fruit in the morning, which will provide you with most of the required vitamins. Also, increase the use of grains and yoghurt in your diet.

Lastly, try to have your dinner before 6 pm, as it will give enough time to your body to digest it.

Turning down the screens


We live in a world where most of our work is dependent on watching the world through laptops and computers. When we finally get off our work and try to relax, we face our mobiles or tablets.

Hence, it is becoming challenging day by day to give rest to our brain and our eyes. It is no secret that blu rays coming from digital devices are harmful to our health.

Not only do they affect your eyes but also messes with the decision making part of your brain. Moreover, mobile addiction is at its pace as the world is in the lockdown. 

You must understand that, like every other muscle, your eyes, as well as your brain, needs to get some rest. As they are a crucial part of human life, they can’t attain a state of complete rest. You have to make sure to reduce the pressure on them. The way is to avoid every kind of screen whenever possible.

You can also make sure to reduce the brightness of the displays and use night mode during the nights. 

Moreover, you can perform simple eye exercises such as blinking more often while using the computer, taking a short break from watching the screen after an hour, cleaning it with cold water, and rolling it up-down and right-left.

Reduce Daily Caffeine and Tea addiction


Caffeine is a natural energy booster which boosts our brain. You must also know that when energy increases drastically, it decreases at the same pace.

Moreover, consuming excess caffeine results in Anxiety and Disrupt Sleep, which leads to a bad mood.

Same with the tea. One of the most common drinks in India, tea can be the cause of various issues such as Increased anxiety, stress, and restlessness.

You must try to reduce consumption of these beverages and get rid of their addiction. In this process, you can switch to their alternatives such as you can drink Herbal Tea instead of Regular Tea and  White Coffee instead of Regular Coffee.

You can also switch to Ginger Lemon Honey Tonic, which is the best alternative in the long term. 



As the world is under lockdown and most of us are working from our homes, we are more likely to sleep into our sheets for hours than usual. But the more you sleep, the more restless you will be.

You need to make sure you follow your regular bedtime routine. Moreover, if you can, you should try to improve it by training your brain to sleep early and wake up early. 

To do so reduce consumption of coffee and tea, turn down your devices, and read a book of your choice.

Enough studies are suggesting to follow a Sleep Routine, as it creates a rhythm inside your brain and increases productivity. Having routine will train your brain to rest at the same time due to which you feel much more active the next day.

Family Time


While during coronavirus, we are getting a lot of family time, it is necessary to share that piece of time actually with them. You can cook with them, read with them, clean with them and learn with them.

Not just during this period, you must try to give a proper time to your family regularly. It will bring you close to them, help you understand them better, and will share a sense of support during your hard times.

During the social distancing, it is time to work on your relationships with your family. Once you start focusing on family time, you will find yourself in a better state of mind. It will also lead to actual goals that will bring happiness instead of worldly things.

The aim of the article is clearly to help you build a healthy lifestyle. These are not the strict rules which can’t be changed. Moreover, they are suggestions that can help you live a better life.

You must improve your health during coronavirus and even after that, stay fittest. It will make sure you are capable of fighting every disease and achieve every goal you wish too.


Image Credits : Unsplash

We sincerely hope that you have found the information & Tips mentioned above  practical . Please do let us know your feedback in comments.

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Namaste  & Take care till our Next Post !

Stay Safe and keep your Kiddos Safer !!


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