Blog writing | The Dilemma of a beginner and how to actually get started


3 years, it took me almost 3 longs years to actually put pen to the paper since I first thought of writing a blog. Every time I used to get excited about writing my first blog and settle down with my paraphernalia, a sudden depressing thought used to fizzle out all the enthusiasm – “I am writing for whom? Who’s gonna read my blogs? ”

I am sure this thought does cross mind of many of the beginners and to some extent, this apprehension seems quiet justified too .Because at the end of the day, a writer needs readers who can take the pain of going through the entire write up and give a feedback too.

Now since in most cases, a beginner is not a celebrity, so there is no assured fan following to begin with. As for the friends, well irrespective of how close a friend is, still it is little unlikely that he/she will be able to take out time to read your blog every single time. Yes, initially they might but eventually they won’t and it is probably little too much to ask in today’s busy world. Even now, after having written a decent number of blogs/articles on different platforms , some of my friends still ask me  that why exactly am I writing a blog ,where will it ultimately lead me to, what purpose will this blog writing solve etc .


 Because of all these hurdles mentioned above , for most people, the very idea of writing a blog dies a silent death in due course of time.

Luckily, the same didn’t happen to me. Somewhere in my subconscious mind, I kept the thought of writing blogs going. And then one fine day, it did happen. I wrote my first blog and 3-4 blogs followed within no time. I was happy but  my happiness was short-lived .Since the viewers were really few and feedbacks/comments were even fewer, I once again lost the energy and the will to write any further. A gap of almost 5 years followed.


Very honestly though, the urge to write never left me and finally ,after almost 5 years , I made up my mind to give it another try , this time with the right frame of mind – I will be writing for myself, only for myself – with or without readers . Since I feel so happy to write a blog and so that itself should be more than sufficient reason for me to continue writing – I told myself clearly.

Since by now, I had become an ardent traveler so I chose travel blogs this time. Without thinking of anything else, I straightaway made a word press account and created a  Facebook page Inside Out with RahulYuvi and started writing. Believe me, I was so glad to have pursued my lost love – writing, once again.

But as the fate would have it, this time the cake came with an icing too. Right from first blog of my second innings, the response was quiet overwhelming. I started receiving likes, comments, and feedback very frequently. Though this time I was sure that even if I won’t get a single comment or view, I will continue writing. But this unexpected acknowledgement did bring a lot of happiness with it.

I am happy that my blog is reaching out to people, so many unknown people, even from Singapore & Sri lanka are reading my write ups & sending feedback. This is how my second innings unfolded. However, I still maintain my stand – I am writing for myself, likes or no likes, views or no views, I will continue writing with the same passion !


Bottom line is, you should write simply because you want to. That’s it, no further reasoning is required. To hell with the rest of the things, just enjoy yourself and keep on writing whatever your heart says. Sooner or later, you will see the unexpected results and you will be surprised to see reader’s response. It is bound to happen because readers look for honesty in your blogs, they can actually feel how real the blogs are, unlike the ones written desperately for free-bees or for getting cheap publicity. Well surely you should promote your write ups but the result should not deter you from writing in future.


Now some friendly advice, based on my own experience, for my friends who want to start writing their own blogs since long but haven’t been able to do so   :

  1. Start immediately. Just identify your interest , choose a blogging platform (there are many) and start writing – travel, life, health or for that matter anything & everything.
  2. Drop the thought of getting popular or earning money through blogs, don’t even go there. Just write.
  3. Don’t read “Best way to write a blog” etc. type things online. That’s disastrous. Don’t copy any format. Your own writing style will be best for you since it will be straight from heart and not diluted in any which way. Just try to make it little easier on eyes by using proper font size & photographs, again as per your own jurisdiction
  4. Promote you blog the way you want to but don’t get affected by the results. Remember, you yourself are the first & foremost reason for your blog to exist, acknowledgement of others should be appreciated but it should certainly not be the deciding factor .

Hope my words will atleast make a small  difference in motivating my ‘to be writer’ friends.

Happy blogging guys!

Bye bye & Namaste !!

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  1. Reblogged this on Inside Out With Rahul Yuvi and commented:

    I am sure this thought does cross mind of many of the beginners and to some extent, this apprehension seems quiet justified too .Because at the end of the day, a writer needs readers who can take the pain of going through the entire write up and give a feedback too.

    Now since in most cases, a beginner is not a celebrity, so there is no assured fan following to begin with….Read on to boost the writer inside you !


  2. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you so much..if any of work of mine can inspire anyone to write,then I will be more than happy


  3. Very well written sir. Getting inspired I feel like start writing. All the best….

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  4. Well said. Sometimes it truly takes us time to start off, but like you pointed out ‘just start.’ There’s no need sweating the small stuff. Things will fall into place as one picks up the race. Great post.

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  5. RahulYuvi says:

    Thank you so very much Mam ! You words will truly help me get going !! 😊

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  6. Soul Gifts says:

    Glad you decided to give it another bash! It takes time, energy, motivation and trust to get the blog up and running with readers, comments, likes, followers. Don’t get discouraged. Some will visit, some will come back from time to time, some will become friends, some will stick around and read everything you pen ……it’s a wonderful, exciting,, fascinating, interesting and rewarding thing to do. All the very best 🙂

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  7. RahulYuvi says:

    glad that you liked it !


  8. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you so much 😊


  9. Atulmaharaj says:

    I’m happy that you are still blogging. I’ve seen bloggers who’ve quit just because they didn’t get the required visibility in terms of likes, comments etc. All the Best !

    Liked by 1 person

  10. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you 😊


  11. Nishtha says:

    After reading this blog..the first thing which came in my mind was..’I wish I can write like you’..
    Worth reading !!

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