Don’t call me Uncle or Aunty | Life in your 30s

Age is just a Number –  Well can’t agree more to this idiom.

“Uncle, this will look great on you ” , said the teenager attendant at  a leading apparel store  just the other day . And all the hell broke loose.

Within seconds , I uttered one thousand words  in my mind – Uncle ! Who , me ? Really ? Is this kiddo mad or what? Drunk may be .But then I tried to befool  myself that probably, I heard him wrong , he never said uncle. However , that guy was hell bent on deflating my impression about myself as he repeated ” Believe me uncle , this one is best for you .”


While my wife Nishtha started smiling so broadly  as if she just got herself a solitaire,  I decided to give the store guy  a piece of my mind , first the dare devil glance followed by my rude jargon , ” Hey wait ! What is this uncle uncle  chant that you are reciting ? Who are you by the way , a toddler or what ?”

And the poor guy said , “Sorry Sir, you son was with you so I thought…..”. Believe me , at that moment , only thing I seriously wanted to do was to donate Yuvi (kiddo in picture) to someone , immediately, without any further inordinate delay .  🙂

The incident above bothered me for next 2 hours until my moment of ecstasy came . A cute little baby girl came running down the mall gallery and  said to Nishtha , ” Aunty , have you seen my Mumma ?”. Ah !  That feeling of bliss , Lord Budha himself had arrived to take my sorrows away .


I can still feel that divine joy which I experienced  right then, as I looked into the eyes of Nishtha and obviously, my smile was much much bigger than what she gave me earlier .

Most ,if not all, of my friends in their 30s can easily relate to the incidents above as once in a while ,it keeps happening, isn’t it ? After giving it a good thought, I concluded  : See the basic issue is that we the 30 something people can still feel that Adrenalin rush within us  and we still have that youthful excitement towards life. Its just that we are married ,have one or two kids- that’s it , no big deal but unfortunately these  guys & gals  in their teens or even those in 20s today, they just don’t want to include us in their age group – oh the inferiority complex I tell you ! 😀


Can’t they see that deep inside we are still the first year  wannabe’s of college who want to rock the show in the college fest ( That I was almost a nerd even then is a different story altogether ) or Wait, is it us  who just don’t want to take cognizance of the fact that we do have changed ,may be a little but definitely yes  – – Long Pause – – Your honour,after giving it enough thought , I hereby conclude that those who call us (by us , I mean we the models in their ravishing 30s ) as uncles or aunts  are actually doing drugs !! 😛 😀

But hey, there’s no better feeling than the one when you are called a brother while your wife is addressed as Aunt simultaneously , as then you suddenly get to ride the elephant and  be the ‘Diet’ & ‘Fashion’ planner of the house until the tables take a turn. 🙂


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Namaste & Good bye till my next write up !!


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. RahulYuvi says:

    Glad you people found it worth reading ..thank for the kind words 🙂

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  2. I and my husband had such a good read of this post. Loved this post too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you very much Shweta for going through the blog..and yes,gradually ,though unwillingly :p ,I am coming to terms with being called an uncle ,especially by friends of my son ! But hey, you are as young as tour heart says ,so no big deal ! 😊


  4. Shweta Rastogi says:

    Hi nice it was and really when some college going boys and girls speak like such we feel strange but meanwhile when some one says that you look like the sis of your elder son we find ourselves as we are on seventh heaven but we should accept that a new generation gap has really come because earlier we caledl any elder lady as Bhabhi etc but in these days people immediately says aunty without knowing that how much older we are from them. It’s okk enjoy a new phase of life where in our 30ts we are uncle and aunty.

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