Book Review – The Wild Cat ( Trilogy ,Book -1 )


Recently , I was approached by one of the publications in India to review a recent launch. Here goes the verdict  :

Book Review 

The Wild Cat (Trilogy , Book-1)

 by Taanya Sarma


Some of the best short films shot these days end abruptly and same goes true for ‘The Wild Cat’.

Just when the adrenaline rush that you feel while reading the book is at it’s peak, the book ends with BANG BANG ! Ghosh !! That’s so unfair on the part of writer to leave the readers high & dry at such an important junction of the story. But then, a good writer is the one who keeps the readers interest alive and Taanya Sarma just manages to do that.

The Wild Cat is the story of  a simple & non -partying type young woman who unfortunately gets entangled into various troubles, thanks to an online dating App. How She eventually does away with her anxiety , decides to take the situation under her control and do the needful is what the story is all about.

It’s a thriller in real sense & not just for the heck of it .As you are about make a firm opinion about a certain character, immediate next Chapter turns your intellect upside down.

Talking of flaws, well there  aren’t  many .. A  few  being – Intimate Role play sessions get a little repetitive after a while and there is some unnecessary detailing of situation at one or two places.

Other than that , with such smart timing & dramatic unfolding of characters (Cobra is real bad-ass I tell you)  backed by sudden twists & turns , The Wild Cat is definitely worth a  read .

Kudos to the writer for highlighting such an important issue dealing with Cyber safety for Women in such an intriguing way. Looking forward to the Sequel. Recommended!


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