The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018|Nominations

After almost 26 months of consistent writing endeavours, here comes an acknowledgement of my efforts in the form of nomination for ” The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018′ – My first ever nomination and hence making it all very special.


The fact that this nomination came  from a blogger par excellence  – Ms. Chetna Khetawat ( The Vagabond Dreamer ) – is an icing on cake and I would hence  like to hereby thank her  for this gesture !

Besides, Let’s check out the Rules for  The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018 :


  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you in the blog post add their link in your post.
  2. Answer the 11 questions which your nominator asked you.
  3. Nominate up to 11 new bloggers for the award and write them 11 new questions for the same.
  4. Let your nominees know that they have been nominated.
  5. List the rules and add the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post.

Going by the rules , here are answers to the questions  asked by  Ms. Chetna Ketawat  :


1.What do you love the most about blogging?

  The sense of ease & calmness that it brings to me.The moment my experiences & my expressions start taking shape of words, a kind of divine ecstasy just steps in  which makes me feel really Happy.

 2.Who is your Blogging Inspiration?

 Though there are many , but these three people in particular who have  been a true inspiration for blogging  : 

 A)  Shivya Nath (The Shooting Star)

 B)  Anuradha Goyal (Inditales)

 C) Siddhartha Joshi (The Wanderer)

 3.Is it a hobby or you are pursuing it as a profession? If hobby, do you plan to be a full time professional blogger?

So far, yes it’s my hobby, a passionate one though..If given a chance however, would definitely love to go all out to be a full time professional blogger. 

4.Mention 3 top Travel Bloggers you adore and wish to be like?

Already  answered at point no.2 above

5.Have you read my Blogs ( before this nomination?

Honestly , no…Though I did came across few of your posts earlier too  on few occasions while scrolling through various Facebook Travel blog related pages.

6.Any suggestion for improvement in my blogs?

Have read your blogs today itself and they are straight from the heart , like they should be.So I would rather say – Keep writing the way you have been so far.

7. Which is your favorite travel destination so far? Why?

Undoubtedly UAE. For the simple reason that Dubai & Abu Dhabi offer you an extravagant dream world which stays with you years after your visit .

8.What do you do to promote your blogs?

To begin with , I leave all my hesitation aside and go all out to promote my blog on every possible social media platform – Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,Insta etc.

9.Do you believe in paid promotion of blogs?

No , they are useless..except for generating initial numbers though which eventually will draw a better crowd later on.

10.Share any memorable experience with a local resident of one of your favorite travel destinations?

Well I went to Nepal last year with my family and it was time when the entire Nepal was in the celebration mood owning to  Dashain Festival .It’s actually Dussehra as we call it here in India but it is celebrated on a much larger scale in Nepal , just like Diwali is celebrated in India.However, the problem for tourists is that during Daishan ,particularly for three days – Daishan day, penultimate day  and a day after – almost all major shops/outlets are closed but our driver, Mr.Prem ( a local) made sure that we had the best of trip as he interacted and requested locals on our behalf at so many places and made sure that we don’t skip any of the tourist spot/activities.We are really thankful to him.

11.How do you think you can contribute to the society with the help of your blogs or travel advents?

I would like to share links to two of my blogs to answer this question as they are kind of my efforts to do something meaningful that may help society/travellers at-least a little :

a) How I tamed a monster called Vitiligo -No matter what, Just never Give up !! (Motivational)

b)One thing Definitely “NOT” to do while Planning for Singapore & Malaysia Vacations ! (Travel Tips & Tricks)

Now , it’s time for further nominations another 11 bloggers the work of whom I found really worth reading & sharing . Here goes the list :


1.Atul Sharma (Social Maharaj )

2. Anushree & Saurabh ( Lanes To Love )

3..Ricky Shetty (Daddy Blogger)

4.Aakash Mehrotra (Hand of Colors )

5. Rutuja Bhagwat ( The Pretty City Girl )

6.Aparajita Paul and Ashutosh Agrawal (Pristine Routes)

7.Jony Jindal (Go 4 Explore )

8..Lokhandwala Sisters ( SOS Living )

9.Madhuri Saikia (Silent Whispers )

10. Bhavi Patel (Forktrails )

11. The Girl Next Door (The World Through My Eyes)


                                  Congratulations to all the nominees and best of luck !

Please Refer #Rules  mentioned above once again before reading further 

Now that you are conversant with the rules, here are my questions for you to answer  : 


Q.1 Why exactly did you took to blogging ?

Q.2 How has blogging changed you as an individual ?

Q.3 Name 1 blogger in your friend circle who you think has got best writing skills ?

Q.4 Do you plan to earn through your blogs in near future? If yes, then what are best strategies that you gonna deploy for your subject plan to be successful ?

Q.5 How do you keep yourself motivated for writing at the time when the traffic at your blog is really low ?

Q.6 What according to you is best and why – a blog should be unilateral ( say exclusively Travel or exclusively Food ) or it should be flexible with multi -categories ?

Q.7 What is average monthly traffic on your blog  ? How do you plan to increase the same ?

Q.8 Tell a little about who you exactly are .(150 words max.)

Q.9 How would you rate my Blog “Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi ” on a scale on 10 ? Mention a few words in support of your ratings.

Q.10 Do you plan to quit the job and take to full time blogging ? If Yes, then what are your survival plans ? If No, then why not ?

Q.11 Name 3 best bloggers  (mention link to their blogs) that you have come across so far.


In the field of writing, everybody is a winner in his / her own way and I strongly believe that.So more than the nomination,it’s the opportunity that it has given me to connect with you all is something that I really appreciate.Really looking forward to reading your answers which I am sure will be interesting .

Anyways , keep travelling & keep writing  guys because :

“Travelling can be one of the most rewarding form of introspection“- Lawrence 

Namaste & take care !!

You can also reach me at :

Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi !

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  2. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you so much Shriya for the comments and for continuous support !! 😊😊


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  4. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you so much ! 😊


  5. Congratulations.. Keep up the good work..
    Loved reading your answers.

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  6. That’s your lovely way to appreciate

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  7. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you so much ..I tried to answer the questions as honestly as I could..glad the answers found chord with good writers like your good self !🙂

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  8. Congratulations and lovely the way you answered them

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