Natraj restaurant Udaipur |Review |Best Restaurants in Udaipur

The Basics 

  • Restaurant Being Reviewed :  Natraj Dining Hall & Restaurant, Udaipur
  • Address : 22-24, City Station Road, Near Railway Station, Udaipur, Rajasthan 
  •  Bio :   Mid-Range  Famous Vegetarian Food Restaurant 
  • Cuisines offered :   Indian Cuisines but particularly known for Rajasthani Food
  • Alcohol Availability : No
  • Dining Cost per person (approx.):  INR 250-300
  • Visiting Occasion  :  Udaipur Vacations


The Review 

  • Ambiance : 2.5 / 5 

    There is really nothing special about the ambiance which needs a mention here.In any case, we went there on the sheer basis of online ratings & reviews about the food there and knowing the fact that it’s a mid-range restaurant , we weren’t expecting fire works.Having said that , going by restaurant’s popularity, we expected a better  housekeeping at least , particularly in the wash area.

  • Service :  4 / 5 

          The staff was polite and well mannered but most of the serving staff seemed under tremendous pressure .I mean unlike some other Rajasthani theme based restaurants, food wasn’t served with that smile & warmth that Rajasthan is usually known for as far as hospitality is concerned.I will again maintain that staff wasn’t rude or anything and even food was served quickly, it’s just that they were all a little bogged down & a little too serious .


  •  The Food :  3 / 5 

        The reason for a rather negative title for this review is Food.I mean so much has been written  online about Rajasthani Thali served here and ratings too are sky high.Obviously, our expectations were relatively higher however when we actually started dining, disappointment is all that each one of us felt. As a matter of fact, we played safe and ordered Rajasthani Thali only for which this restaurant is particularly known for , yet the taste of the food was very average, absolutely nothing special about it.It was simple and must be hygienic as well but when you end up  in  a restaurant which enjoys so much of popularity, you settle for the best and nothing below that.Unfortunately, most of the dishes were just too ordinary in taste &  texture   as  well.

  • The Overall Verdict : 3 / 5

Over-hyped ! Most of us have been at places serving much better Rajasthani food                amidst perfect Rajsthani cultural charm.

To the Readers :   I hope you find  this review helpful &  worth a read. Would really love to hear your feedback in comments section !  Namaste & take care  !

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