Book Review | The Lost Arcanum

Ding -Dong ! Another day, another ring of the door bell and a familiar gift brings a smile on my face – yet another book from Invincible Publishers  for the review .

The Lost Arcanum – A Murder Mystery enrolled with A treasure Hunt  for the lost wisdom with Metaphysical Science forming the base of the Plot !!

The Lost Acranum

  1. The Analysis :   461 pages !!! That’s all I wondered after holding the book for the first time.And I thought it will be really tiresome to go through the Novel but I was wrong. Not only the Murder mystery in picture is gripping , but it also delightfully blends the facts with the fiction, the spirituality with the suspense and the wisdom with the imagination.Very rarely I have found a murder mystery enriching you about your cultural and mythological heritage . I mean legacy of physical artifacts inherited from our past generations stand tall right in front of you .Every now & then you stand bewildered  at the detailing done by the author .The base of the  story thus told is really strong however climax isn’t that dramatic . Author has been successful in making readers feel a strong connect with the Protagonists – Jake & Taneez .Right from the word go, you actually feel as if you are travelling with the characters and you can sense ‘n’ feel  the emotions that they must be going through. However ,inspite of all above good things, one just cannot deny the fact a strict editing would have given us  a brilliant novel  ,lack of which has resulted in a little drag on kind of feel in between. I know it’s difficult for a writer to cut short his own write up but sometimes it is the need of the hour and in this particular case of  a wonderful novel The Lost Arcanum, deletion of few unnecessary details would have resulted in a more crisp read with at least 15-20 less pages.

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   2. The Verdict :

a) Positives : – The Content & the story line is the hero here backed by largely good treatment of words.
b) Negatives : –
Too much of detailing, too much explanations about various places/events  are kind of speed breakers in otherwise wonderfully crafted novel.


3.  A Word for the Writer :  Hats off for your profound knowledge on alchemy, metaphysical science, microbiology ,anthropology, spirituality & what not at such a young age. Would like to meet you someday  for a spiritual  discussion.

To Readers :    I hope you find  my review helpful.Would love to hear your feedback !! 

Namaste & take care  !

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