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Handwritten Letters in the BookStore


Book Title Handwritten Letters in the BookStore

Author Rimple

Publishers/Promoters Owlery Book World & Notion Press 

Published in the year :  2018 

Category : Fiction Novel

Sub-Categories :  Musical , Poetry ,Love story , Humour, Suspense  (in the same order i.e. primarily musical with a hint of suspense)

Review : 

  1. The Preface :   The tagline of the book title reads – Conversations in Every Heart via Forgotten Art.  Conveying messages  or in a way , feelings & human emotions through handwritten letters is what has been referred here as forgotten art. The book essentially is the story of a celebrated entrepreneur , Rajvir who, despite being successful,  is still a  loner at heart. One fine day , as a much needed break from his boring & monotonous life, which primarily revolved around his work  only , he decided to go back to his old love – The Books .At the book store , he is   surprisingly greeted with a handwritten letter by a stranger , kept in a book. That when the Pandora box opens and he delightfully encounters a  series of such letters before eventually discovering the person behind the letters who turns out to be a girl ( That she is a girl has already been mentioned on the Book cover, so I hope I am not giving out anything which I am not supposed to). Besides these two , there’s another character , again a Girl , who is associated with Rajvir through work but over a period time ,  friendship blossoms . So did it turn out to be a typical Love Triangle? Well for that , you have to read the book but what makes this book different from routine is the way ,the whole narrative has been presented , taking music (largely hindi songs of 90s era)  as the base. Lyrics of many songs & even some popular poetry masterpieces have been discussed word by word , line by line.

         But does being different always means been good ? Let’s find out .

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   2. The Verdict :

I would like to quote a  few lines from the book itself, which perfectly summarize my review for this book.

  • Refer page 6 , para 2, line 2   –

“The entire book was like poetry. Almost confusing. Why would an author change the writing style at the end ? But he was in love with the book & accepted the book with all it’s flaws , like one accepts one’s family with all it’s flaws – a tale of human errors ,decisions & forgiveness.”

  • Refer page 15 , para 3, line 2  –

“Feeling the simplicity in each article .They did not have flowery language, but spoke directly from the heart .”

What’s Good : 

  1. Two particular references in the book have been very beautifully & very responsibly  presented :
  • The case of Eunuchs – I would specially like congratulate the author for bring up their cause so well. Much needed.
  • The never say die spirit of Mumbai – We all have heard that , we all have witnessed that  ( be it post 2005 floods or the  9/11 ) and we salute Mumbai for that .

2. The detailed information about various songs  – lyrics , actors & emotions involved  etc.

3. An altogether different perspective towards listening music . For instance , the details about how exactly the rhythm & the beats, combined with the ambiance around affect  our neurological system  & instigate different human emotions , are really commendable.

What’s Not that Good :

Though the author’s heart is at the right place but probably ,the words & the narrative don’t bring forth the innocence of the characters & their conversations as much as the  author might have indented to. The biggest strength of the book is it’s musical narrative with a substantial part of the book  talking about songs , their lyrics , detailing of the videos of these songs, left & the right hemispheres of the brain , how they work when music is played etc. But all this may not appeal to a reader who isn’t much into technicalities of music as such .

Also , a lot of effort has been made to put something of everything  in the story  – poetry, lyrics , songs, love story , suspense etc . While the effort is undoubtedly honest & it reflects too but it would have probably been better if a little more time  was given to  each of these attributes to develop.

Again , this is my personal opinion and since I am only a good music listener who doesn’t usually bother about the facts like which hemisphere of brain is getting affected  while the songs are playing , that’s why , probably , I could not connect with the contents of the book in one go. However, music enthusiasts in all probabilities will embrace the book like anything , for every single word of the book oozes something or the other about music.

3.  A Word for the Writer : 

Hey Rimple , I hope you would take my review in good spirits . Though I may  perhaps need another reading before developing a liking for the book , but I would  certainly like to congratulate you for being daring enough to come up with something which is different from what you call , a run of the mill stuff .

 I truly had a different kind of experience while reading this book , a kind of musical dosage , thanks to you . 

Congratulations Again !

4. A word for the publishers : Congratulations for your new launch. But there are some minor printing errors , specially with respect to punctuation marks ,which need to be rectified . For instance , refer page 4 , last two lines .

Printed matter : “The silly little letter had connected with him with a warm & emotional book.Life is good,” he thought, & fell asleep.

Correct sentence : The silly little letter had connected with him with a warm & emotional book. “Life is good,” he thought, & fell asleep.

To Readers :    I hope you find  my review helpful.Would love to hear your feedback !! 

Namaste & take care  !

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. RahulYuvi says:

    Owlery Book World team couriered the book for review .


  2. Aakanksha says:

    Oh that is great if the publishers have said so. Haha. Would be lovely to read it once at least. Where did u get the book

    Liked by 1 person

  3. RahulYuvi says:

    Hello Aakanksha ! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words..Unfortunately,I haven’t read Eleanor & Park yet but as far as ‘Handwritten Letters..’ is concerned, I kind of have mixed feelings..some good points , other not so great ..but yes, like I mentioned in review, it is very different from routine love stories..As for publishers, they have already conveyed that all printing errors will be taken care of ..Anyways, thanks again for visiting my blog..Do have a glance at some of my recent Travelogues as well, I hope you find them equally engaging..😊


  4. Aakanksha says:

    This book reminds me of Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Lowell. The summary you have given sounds amazing. It sounds like a freshly baked love story rather than a cliched one. Would love to read the book for fun though especially since it talks about 90s’ music. I loved your note for the writer’s and publishers. Hope they do see it and rectify the typos! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you so much..Glad you find the review worth a read ! 😊


  6. Jheelam says:

    Very well-composed review. Liked the little note you’ve left for the publisher as well. Ain’t nobody got sense for that.

    Liked by 1 person

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