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Preface :

How many minutes of conversation do you have on the phone during the day? How many of these conversations  do you actually enjoy & look forward to ? The percentage isn’t that high , is it ?

But imagine, you are calling up someone else and a new line of communication opens up with the Almighty  himself !  Yes , you read it right .What if it’s The God on the other side of the call ? What will you talk about ? How will the conversation unfold ?

Well here’s how  I went about it :


Hello , You there ?  Of course I am there, always & everywhere !

“Do wish my Mom & Dad for their anniversary today ” , said Nishtha , my loving wife .

See the thing about wives  is that you just can’t forget to wish them or  their family members on all so called important events and mind you , these events are not restricted to birthdays & anniversaries alone .

And just to clarify , when I said ‘Wives’  above , I am in my full senses & I do mean single respective wife only , but since  I am quoting on behalf of all the poor husbands, so  the plural 🙂

“Of course yar , how can I forget that. I surely will”  pat came my reply and without wasting a moment or should I say, with the apprehension of forgetting to wish them & then  visualizing the circumstances that will follow, I straightway dialed my father-in-law’s number. ( Hereon , will refer Father-in-Law as ‘SJ ‘ – Sasur Ji , you see )

Kun faya Kun , Kun faya Kun… a beautiful Sufi song ,backed by A.R.Rehman’s melodious voice greeted me as I waited for my call to be answered. After few seconds , Mr. Rehman went on break as the call timer commenced its play of numbers -The call was connected .

Me :  Hello ! Namaste Papa .How are you ? 

SJ : ————-   

(Pin drop silence , no voice heard )

Me : Hello, Hello ..

SJ : —————- 

Me : Papa , are you there ? 

SJ : Of course I am there kid , always &  everywhere.

(came the reply when I was about to hung up. But the voice wasn’t familiar . And equally different was the manner in which it was said .Nevertheless , I recomposed myself and continued )

Me : Papa , is that you only… right ?

SJ : Yes yes , dear , it’s me only.The Papa of all Papa’s 

Me :  ————–


Me : Who’s this ?

SJ : I am the one you are trying to have a rendezvous with since months, through meditation.

Me : What ? What do mean ?  I mean who are you ? Where’s S J ? 

SJ : I am the God 

Me : And I am Shah Rukh Khan , naam tu suna hoga

(By  now it was more than clear that it wasn’t SJ on the other side, so I opened up too)

SJ : ha ha 

Me : Anyways ,  a wrong no. I guess  

(Irritated , I was about to disconnect but then .. )

SJ : Hey Rahul, wait.Its not the wrong number , rather its the only right number that you had ever dialed and you would ever dial .

( Wait a minute, did he just call my name ?  Oh , the True caller app I thought.. but his strange dialect – authoritative yet soothing – forced me to listen to him further) 

SJ :  No , I didn’t get your name from The True caller app my friend 

Me : —————– (What ? Is he reading my mind ?)

SJ : No, I am not reading your mind , I need not to,for you are nothing but a part of me only.

Me : Dude , enough !! Who are you , seriously ?

SJ : What will it take for you to believe that I am the almighty myself

Me : You are getting on my nerves now , alright then , tell me the dream I had the last night?

( I smiled over the thought that how smart I am , he will be caught right now )

SJ : You didn’t had any 

Me : ————— (Silence , he was right )

Me : My dream a night before ?

SJ : It was about Gautam Budha , riding a Rolls Royace .

Me: My God !!!! It was actually God himself .How else would he have known what goes on in my sleep and what’s going on in my mind right now.

(P.S. : Not a male chauvinist, just wrote himself for GOD going by the tone of the speaker 🙂 )

SJ : Probably , you superimposed Budha over OSHO. Or else , you want to reap benefits of Meditation while enjoying all the materialistic stuff, simultaneously. 

Me : O dear Lord , I am so so sorry for being a fool who could not recognize you Sorry Again  .

God : Ah , it’s alright Son. You have more than made up for everything by calling me ‘Dude’ otherwise people think I am some old chap wearing a strange gold Crown and a weird silver shinning dress, straight from some fancy dress competition. 

Me : Ha ha .So Gods too have a humour side to them

God : For sure but just that , it’s not ‘GODs’ ,  just ‘The God’ , for I am just the only one & unique .People call me thousand names , address me with different adjectives , but I am just I am.Hey you are an Indian , so in all probability you must have heard phrases like Sabka Malik ek , Ishwar Allah tero naam etc. hundreds of times , emphasizing that God is one .Haven’t you ?

Me : Yes I have. (realizing my ignorance)

(few seconds pause)

Me : Dear God, even though there just cannot be anything bigger that this event whereby I am in direct conversation with The Creator himself  but may I dare ask , why of all , you  chose me to have a word with today ?

God : Because you are Shah Rukh Khan after all , ha ha

(Loud Laughter followed from both sides)

Me : Jokes apart .I mean off late , I am not even practicing my meditation regularly. 

God : And that’s precisely why I am here today . To remind you , that just as I am the sole  truth , the only one which actually exists amidst all the illusion that you humans very easily quote as Maya , similarly the way to reach me , know me & subsequently dissolve in me is also unique and that’s the Dhyan , The Meditation , The Sadhna or whatever you may call it. 

Me : Yes I know that

God : No you don’t . You don’t know a thing yet son. Just watching You tube videos of Sadhguru , reading books of Jiddu Krishnamurthy , listening to OSHO , admiring Rumi & Ramana Maharshi won’t help.  Practicing Dhyan yourself is the only and the solely way out.

Astonishingly, as I can see on your website you have even published some Spiritual blogs on your website , telling people what to do , how to find me when you yourself haven’t met me before today.  How irresponsible act is this on your part  ?

Me : No God… ji , listen..

( I tried to calm him down by adding Ji as a mark of  extra respect)

God : What no ?

(Obviously , my ‘Ji’ didn’t help)

Me : I have written only what I practice myself and only what all I have felt . And who beyond your good self can verify that whether I am speaking the truth or not.

God : That doesn’t matter. Whatever you are saying may be true  but still it cannot be justified because  after reading your spiritual experiences , the beginners may have a preconceived idea of what kind of experience they will be having once they start meditating  or they may blindly adopt your way of meditation which is misleading because though ,there’s only one way to realize me , Meditation, but  there are ‘n’ number of ways to meditate and there are ‘n’ number of spiritual experiences that occur during the different stages ,which essentially differ from  individual to individual , except a very few common changes that one witnesses.

So if a particular seeker didn’t experience anything that you have mentioned about , he / she will think that probably they are not doing something right .And then the seeker will try all sort of methods to have that spiritual experience which obviously won’t come this way . Eventually,  frustrated due to no results , he/she will quit saying Meditation is not my cup of Tea.

Me : Hmm

God : May be what you did was with good intentions , may be you wanted others to feel the bliss that you feel but my friend you yourself are too raw as of now to tell others what that divine bliss actually is .What you have felt so far is not even a drop of the ocean you claim to have dived into.

Me: I realize my mistake God . What should I do now ? Should I delete my Spiritual blogs now ?

SJ : All you need to do is to get back to the basics .  Recall, remind & reassure yourself of  the fact that ” Satya keval ek – Dhyan” . Do what title of one of your blog reads Don’t hallucinate, just Meditate !

You may motivate people around you for the meditation but don’t force your method or your experiences on them. Help them to commence their journey but then , let them seek the bliss themselves by adopting their own path and undergoing their own share of spiritual experiences.

As for the blogs that you have already published , well no need to delete them because what you did was an honest mistake however, remember what I told you just few minutes back, I am always  there and everywhere . So while you were writing those blogs , I made sure that not a single false or exaggerated thing found a place in your write up.  

Me: Thank you so much dear God , for helping me to get back on track. I will surely take care of each & everything that you have just spoken .

SJ : Good .Anything else ?

Me : No, nothing in particular but Sir , was it Osho or the Buddha who was behind the wheels of Rolly Royace  in that dream ? I don’t actually remember correctly.

SJ : None of them. It was you , driving your Hyundai I-20,  in disguise .Ha ha 

(More laughter followed as the call disconnected) 


# Featured Image credit : Plattsburgh House of Prayer


Hey Guys !

## This post is a part of  Write Over the Weekend,  an initiative for Indian Bloggers  by BlogAdda. 

Got a really interesting prompt to write on this weekend – Conversation with God ! Hope you found  this  fiction write up worth a read. Thank You for sparing your time.

Would love to hear your feedback !


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  1. RahulYuvi says:

    ha ha ..thanks you so much Deepak ..Glad that you find it worth reading..regarding short film 🎥, keeping the fingers crossed 🤞 as lot of things are in planning phase 🧐😊


  2. Deepak Sharma says:

    It’s awesome. Very well written. Deep message with humour at its peak. You really made good shots. Even a short movie can be made on this conversation😀Sharukh & SJ played by Rahul😜😜😜
    Waiting for the movie on YouTube

    Liked by 1 person

  3. RahulYuvi says:

    Thank you so very much 😊


  4. Great humor and even greater message..Rahul you are doing good 👍🏻👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  5. RahulYuvi says:

    Ha ha .. No I didn’t call my SJ but just now , one of my cousin Arun called to inform that as he finished reading this article , immediately he received a call from his SJ , leaving him numb for few seconds : ) ..and he now showed double respect to his SJ , for who knows who’s the God here :)..And yes , WOW prompts are given by BlogAdda Team .


  6. mallomalli says:

    Very well written. Prompt was provided by blog adda ? It was very deep conversation and written in a light way. I also believe that meditation can be done anyway anywhere. Like for me, painting is meditation I become shunya while doing it.
    Also dreaming of Buddha riding rolls Royce was hillarious. I hope you didn’t forget to call up your SJ after THE conversation. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  7. RahulYuvi says:

    Thank you ..will surely check out the post on Patanjali Yog Sutras !


  8. RahulYuvi says:

    Thank you so much dear Musafir..I usually refrain from making a foray into fiction, but just as a short break from travelogues, I decided to pen down this write up ..However, as I wrote ,my consciousness took over completely and then I just forgot what’s fiction and what’s real..just kept on writing.. I think more than the readers, I have written this for myself ..Anyways, hearing words of appreciation from a wonderful writer himself, always feels good..thanx again buddy !


  9. What an amazing way of writing and communicating the truth about almighty. The post was a complete blend of attraction as in its title, the conversation as it slowly built up my interest in the idea from that ‘Dude’ to ‘The God’…& the humorous end, that i20 joke just broke the serious idea with in a blink. Wonderfully communicated. I have never been into Meditation. But this post drives me to it. ‘Don’t hallucinate but meditate’ this line says it all. Applause.

    Liked by 1 person

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