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kodaikanal shopping places

South India is a picturesque landscape inhabited since ancient times by mighty civilisations that have left their marks with huge temple complexes, elegant traditional dances, beautiful attire and an excellent culinary tradition. While some might complain about the weather but then they are probably those who are unaware of the hidden Shangri-La of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal.

At an imposing height of 2100 metres above sea level and nestled within the thickest of the Nilgiris, Kodaikanal is an ideal summer retreat. The forests within which Kodaikanal is located are evergreen without any humidity and heat which usually is associated with such thick and dense jungles.

With pleasant weather all year round, sightseeing in Kodaikanal is best enjoyed on foot enjoying the abundant natural beauty. There are numerous places to see in Kodaikanal, both in and around town. Shopping here could be a lot of fun as the prices are reasonable, the local handicrafts make for some excellent souvenirs and the products are of very high quality.

shopping places in kodaikanal

The main Kodaikanal marketplace runs adjacent to the bus depot and consists of a row of shops selling diverse wares such as woodcraft, spices, and clothes. Kodaikanal is famous for its oranges as well and the vendors come early in the morning to tout their wares. The prices are reasonable, though bargaining is encouraged, and the wares are of good quality. While there might seem more than a few sellers selling more or less the same goods, it is what makes this place an ideal ground for bargaining and a discerning eye can always pick quality stuff at a steal.

Kodaikanal is known for chocolate (read cocoa) and boasts of a wide selection of fresh cheeses that get their flavour and quality from the bracing weather and good quality bovines found here. Cocoa products are very cheap compared with the rest of the country and a wide variety is available. These shops are usually found away from the main marketplace tucked cosily in a street corner or off a picturesque bend of the road. Don’t worry! The locals can guide you to them easily and they are all (indeed all of Kodaikanal is) at a walking distance of each other.

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