Our Interlaken to Jungfrau day trip | Rail Journeys in Switzerland


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“It’s tough to find a place not to like in Switzerland “Michele Bachmann

“Switzerland is a place where they don’t like to fight , so they get people to do their fighting while they ski & eat chocolate” –  Larry David


The quotes above pretty much summarize a country par excellence as far as quality of life  is concerned. And now that I have myself been there , seen a lot if not all , I can very strongly  vouch for the fact that all the hooplah around the  Switzerland for it being exceptionally beautiful is 100% true & fair.

And by the time you finish reading this particular blog, I bet you gonna give me a high five on the same too !

 Where should we start from then? Beginning  the Swiss journey with the top most point of Europe would be just what the doctor would order, so here we go :


Located at 11,333 ft above sea level , Jungfraujoch undoubtedly wears the crown of the “Not to be missed at any cost” tourist spot of Switzerland for it’s a different world altogether. The 2 hour 15 minutes train journey from Interlaken Ost station to Jungfraujoch is so incredible that it’s really difficult to put the whole experience into words. Splitting the journey into segments , therefore, might present the real picture.

  • On the way to Interlaken :

The entire Switzerland has been blessed by nature with countless spectacular scenic spots and the views on the either side of road leading to Interlaken  from Cham are no exception.


Before heading to Interlaken Ost Station , usually the tourists, especially  Indians prefer to have a stopover at the famous Kursaal garden to witness the 350 kg Bronze statue of noted Indian filmmaker , Late Sh. Yash Chopra & pay their tributes. Late Sh. Yash Chopra was also awarded the honorary Title of “Ambassador of Interlaken” in 2011 for his remarkable contribution in boosting the popularity of the Alpine nations among Indian tourists.


Besides the statue , The Kursaal garden boasts of some really breathtaking views and a number of historical buildings around it. It houses a Casino as well.


  • The Interlaken Ost Station  to Grindelwald

The charm commences right from the Interlaken Ost Station itself  from where you board the Bernese Oberland Railway upto Grindelwald . The entire ambiance around Interlaken station looks a like a replica of an amazing movie set with mother nature oozing out from every nook & corner.

interlaken ost station switzerland

And the journey from Interlaken Ost Station to  Grindelwald can best be seen and not written about , so here a glimpse of the same :

  • Change over at Grindelwald :

After about half an hour since departure from Interlaken Ost , there is a brisk change over of trains at Grindelwald, where you switch from Bernese Oberland Railway to Jungfrau Railway which then take you to Jungfraujoch .(Earlier there were perhaps two change overs)


Views around Grindelwald are again mesmerizing only :


  • Stop Over at Eismeer Station : 

Few minutes before you reach Jungfraujoch , there is a flash stop over at a train Station called Eismeer (Sea of Ice , as they call it).

Though the stop over is only for just 5 minutes but stay rest assured that the views which you are going to witness in these 5 minutes are going to stay with you for ever. Jet white snow blocks , embracing the sunlight gracefully . Ah , too good  !!


However immersed in whats in front of your eyes,do remember that your train would stop here only for five minutes,  so you need to rush back and continue the train journey from Eismeer to Jungfraujoch.



  • Welcome to Jungfraujoch

About 2 hours & 15 minutes  since the start of journey at Interlaken Ost Station , you reach to the top of the Europe  – Jungfraujoch Ladies & Gentlemen, finally opens its gates for you .


Places to cover / Things to do once at Jungfraujoch :

Sphinx observation deck 

The moment you step out of the lift and wander around observation deck in open , you simply  get awestruck .The whole landscape around is so stunning that  it takes you a minute or two to let that feeling of awe sink in . You actually end up rubbing your eyes to believe what you are seeing.

Beautiful Glaciers , snow clad peaks , breezy winds together they put up an unforgettable live show :

jungfrau top of europeIMG_7441jungfraujoch top of europe20180622_14332920180622_143659

Alpine Sensation :

It’s actually a corridor between Sphinx Hall & Ice palace whereby  a musical tribute has been given to miners because of undying efforts of whom , railways could reach Jungfraujoch. The motion memorial encased in a globe , backed with light effects & music , will surely win your heart.


Jungfrau Panorma 

It’s a small 360 degree view  auditorium kind of  hall where you can enjoy panoramic view of Jungfrau mountains in the form of a film .

Ice Palace :

Probably the next most popular tourist attraction at Jungfrau after Observation Deck . As the name suggests , it’s an palace entirely made of ice, which has been made so lively that while going through the same,  you feel as if you are also playing a certain character in a fairy tale going around there.



Besides what has been mentioned above , Jungfrau has lot more to offer in the form of Snow Fun Park & Monchsjochhutte – not sure how it is pronounced but its a serviced hut right into the middle of snow , where you reach by following a certain fixed trail (sounds interesting, isn’t it ?).

We couldn’t experience Snow park & Monchsjochhutte due to time constraints but then you must have some reasons to come back  ! 🙂

Have you got your Jungfraujoch Passports stamped yet ?


Some thinking hats in the management team of Jungfrau have made sure that a visit there stays with you for the life time and hence they have come up with a wonderful idea – a passport of their own .

Yes , you will be given a Jungfrau Railway Passport right at the Interlaken Ost station itself which you can get stamped all by yourself once you reach the top,  in the Cafeteria which , by the way serves some yummy soupy noodles & typical Indian Masala Chai too.

And don’t forget to buy some Lindt chocolates from here as they are relatively cheaper than the ones available down at Zurich or Lucerne.


A big shout out for the entire Jungfraujoch team for such remarkable hospitality & management.

Watch our personal short video here  to see how much we loved being at Jungfrau :

The Best of Switzerland : Jungfraujoch ! #InsideOutwithRahulYuvi


I hope you would have loved reading this travel experience as much as I have loved writing it , for I re-lived every single moment.

Please do share the post & give your feedback as that’s one of the most important things which keep a blogger going !

More about Swtizerland – Mount Titlis ,  Zurich & Lucerne in my next blog .

Till then , Namaste & Take care  !!

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