Milestone Alert: 65000+ readers on TripAdvisor |Food and Travel Blog

#Feeling Excited  #Feeling Thankful

#Thanks a lot to all the Readers #Please keep supporting

A very warm Hello to all the lovely readers ! Wanted to share a Good news..

The number of readers who went through my review of tourist destinations and / or Hotel & restaurant reviews on has now crossed 65000 readers mark.

Here’s my Trip Advisor Readers Badge & snapshots of my profile  : ( ) :

tripadvisor 4

trip advisor 2

trip advisor

Because of this continuous love & support of you guys , the list here keeps getting longer: Awards & Accolades to Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi

Thank you again !

Please feel free to share your comments, your stories and your feedback  here :

Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi @Facebook

Namaste & take care !!

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