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A very warm hello again to all my fellow bloggers .

Dear friends , each one of us blogger is following our passion for writing , despite being engaged in our routine jobs. And as we keep pursuing our passion , new opportunities keep knocking  our doors , which promise to expand our horizon & reach.Eventually, before we even know, our endeavours keep on getting more varied & more consistent .

On the same lines , I thought , now that I am getting a  good support from my blogger friends  all over the world here at WordPress as well as at other portals including Tripoto Blogger bridge, Blogadda, Indiblogger,Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc., so it’s time for me a take a leap of self faith and re-start my own You Tube Channel,  showcasing what I just love to do : To talk about travelling , this time in the form of Video Blogs ,featuring my personal adventures and some really interesting stories on the way.


I sincerely wish and I am rather sure that you guys will keep supporting my efforts by Subscribing the Channel & sharing the Travel videos that you would find interesting .

Find here the titles of some of the interesting Videos which you can immediately access & enjoy at the channel right now :

  1. Excited Travel Blogger going insane at Paris !
  2. The beautiful Black Forests of Germany !
  3. Don’t Miss the majestic view of Swiss Alps !
  4. Live Painting at the Central Square, Brussels, Belgium !
  5. A walk through Mini-Europe
  6. Switzerland’s Masala Chai , anyone ?
  7. Live Musical Performance at the Catherdral, Cologne !

and many more ..

So here we Go :

Presenting the exclusive Euro-Trip videos for you at Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi’s  YT Channel  :

I hope you find these videos equally engaging  and  receive your as much appreciation as my text blogs published so far !

#Please remember to : Subscribe , like & share  🙂 🙂

Re-blogging this post would be of great help .

Thanks again !

Namaste & Take Care !!

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