Barbeque Nation Noida Sector 16 | Review


The Basics 

  • Restaurant Being Reviewed :  Barbeque Nation, Noida 
  • Address : A-79A, Ground Floor, Hotel Savoy Suites, DSC Marg, Sector 16, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 
  •  Bio :  Mid-Range & Theme based Restaurant Chain
  • Cuisines offered :   North Indian Cuisine / Chinese / Barbeque
  • Alcohol Availability : No
  • Dining Cost for Two (approx.):  INR 1500-1800 
  • Restaurant Website :

The Review 

  • Ambiance : 4.0 / 5 



Though I have been to BBQ Nation restaurants 3-4 times earlier also but it was my first visit at Barbeque Nation , Noida. Just a few minutes at the restaurant & I made up my mind that this dining outlet definitely asks for a review because there was a distinguished rush of happy energy in the staff with their smiling faces , exquisite & delightful smell of spices and the ongoing Punjabi Food Festival adding to the galore .

As for the interiors , well it is beautiful inside – that’s probably the best & simplistic way  the whole decor & the interiors there can be put into words. The use of the colours & texture , the furniture , the serving counters , the wall hangings, the props  and the placement of utilities, the floor finish is all wonderful .

However , it would have been near perfect ambiance had there been a little more sophisticated & bolder play of Lights . Nevertheless , I will still rate the whole setting as a very good one.

  • Service :  4.5 / 5 


As I have mentioned in my earlier reviews , when it comes to service , more than anything it’s the behaviour of the staff which makes all the difference . And it was 10 on 10 here . Courteous & polite staff  with excellent display of mannerisms  . Natural smiles on the faces of serving staff showed that they really love their job  { unlike the plastic expressions  of glee which the restaurant staff members are usually instructed to maintain }

There was no fumble whatsoever as far as the order in which different dishes ( and there were quiet a few )  were served as a part of Vegetarian Buffet. Besides the listed items, the guy just kept on asking if we needed anything not mentioned in the buffet menu .And not only us , this treatment was being meted out to  every guest  as you could hear the familiar claps & music by the staff for the birthday holders.

As a small feedback though , I would like to request  the management to  review & have a better dress code for the serving staff as well ,  just like you have for  the Managers & the  Chef.

  •  The Food :  4.5 / 5 



The food items served at Barbeque Nation restaurants are not a mystery and the Menu is more or less the same at all of their outlets but here we were for some really delightful surprise as besides the expected Kebabs, Barbequed fruits , Cajun Potatoes and extremely crispy fried corns, some additional stuff like stuffed Pappad Rolls,  mouth watering Gol-Gappas & the oh-so-spicy Chat were also served to us on the table itself,owing to the Punjabi Food festivities perhaps.

Then the main course was sumptuous & delicious  with the likes of hardcore Punjabi Supper ingredients like Paneer , Palaks, Kadi pakoras, Pindi Choles to name a few.

Closing ceremony at any of the Barbeque Nation restaurants is a delight thanks to my all time favourite Pan -Kulfi & the hot brownie with crunchy american delight ice cream scoops.Same was the case here . But since we were already full till neck , so we left  the restaurant with heavy hearts for not to have tasted all the luscious looking deserts including Chef Special Burfi & faluda kulfi .

And hey , make up  for the non-availability of alcohol by trying the popular Masala Coke here !

  • The Overall Verdict : 4.5 / 5

At this price,  Barbeque Nation is offering a great food in a great atmosphere. A Good place to celebrate moments .

100% recommended . Go for it !

A note for the Management : 

# Before I conclude , I would like to bring a very important issue  into the notice of  your decision makers , which the Guests face while visiting Barbeque Nation , Noida and that is about parking. The space is too congested  & the security is also not proper . I am not sure which of these lies in your jurisdiction but please, do look into the same sincerely.

Post Script : 

I usually refrain from featuring any name or photograph of any restaurant staff because then the review might come across as biased  but this time, I have to break my own rule because of the exceptional service & hospitality par excellence shown by the Barbeque Nation , Noida Staff . In particular , Mr. Abhishek (The Manager) and Mr. Kapil Kumar  (Serving staff) needs a special mention while the chef , Mr. Kheem Singh deserves a  featured photograph for making our dining experience a memorable one with his various delicacies , each one better than the other .


To the Readers :   I hope you found  this review helpful &  worth  reading . Would really love to hear your feedback in comments section ! 

Will bid adieu to you guys with another fun element we found at BBQ Nation – The Food Art – #JattSetGo  🙂



Namaste & take care  till my next post  !

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