Mahatma Gandhi | Naam hi Kaafi hai

When you work for an ethics driven Public Sector Undertaking like NTPC Ltd, one thing which automatically gets imbibed in you is the love & respect for our great countrymen from history, who have in one way or other, influenced the masses for the larger good of our nation. Because irrespective of which station or power plant you are posted at, when it comes to paying tribute to the great personalities, NTPC fraternity never holds back. And hence, it goes without saying that on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, We NTPCians celebrate teachings of our dearest Mahatma Gandhi ji with full enthusiasm .


A great scholar, a great warrior, a wonderful orator , an exceptional writer , a man born with extra-ordinary talent – NO ! Gandhi ji was none of these in particular but yet to have an aura which made him rise & shine like anything, despite his simplicity & humbleness, is truly bewildering .

Having a glance at the relevance of a few teachings of Gandhi ji in our (NTPCians) perspective therefore makes all the sense here  :

Peace / Non-violence: 


 In today’s super hectic world , most of us (irrespective of the position we hold or the nature of job we are involved in) are working really hard to achieve the set targets and to attain the designated benchmarks so as to take our company, NTPC Ltd. to the  desired heights ,  while trying to develop ourselves too in the process.

However, while on such an ambitious journey, at times, we all experience some extremely stressful moments whereby our internal peace is totally shattered which obviously results in us behaving in a very bad manner externally as well. So much so that on many occasions we lose our temper completely while arguing over petty issues, don’t we?

So, what is to be done?

Sit for a while. Ponder over the issues which disturbed your peace of mind and recall your response to the situations that arose thereof, without being judgmental. Now ask yourself, if you could have handled the situation peacefully, in a relatively better way; if you could have put forth your point in a more subtle manner, without insulting or humiliating the ones opposing you. Start introspecting yourself on a regular basis, Meditate, indulge in yoga or any other form of physical exercises and over a period of time, you will see peace coming to you – both internally & externally, which eventually will then change the work ambiance around you for good.



Love is probably among the most used, most searched and most admired word but look at the irony of the fact that today, it’s an attribute that has gone scarce globally as far as societies & communities are concerned. People all over the world are really short on that feeling of solidarity. And what’s most unfortunate is that we ourselves are the ones who are responsible for this.

Just think of the silly issues over which we sometimes get entangled into totally uncalled & unnecessary arguments with colleagues, staff or service providers while at work. And a single such argument disturbs the whole working environment for everybody around in the office.

Hence, keeping our big egos aside, let’s forgive & forget, let’s celebrate love, let’s have respect for each other and let’s see our NTPC & the world changing gracefully.



The most powerful tool that will help in much needed paradigm shift for building a progressive Company & hence a progressive Nation is Education. In fact, it always has been an indispensable attribute because the kind of education one goes through influences the whole mentality & the thought process of an individual which eventually reflects in one’s decisions.

Those of us employees posted at various NTPC stations will agree to the fact that while there is always a scope for improvement, but our company has always promoted the cause of education among our children by engaging some good schools (including DPS, DAV, KVs etc.) within the Township and among the children of nearby areas through some great CSR initiatives including renovations & repair of existing school buildings, distribution of books & stationary  among students etc.

But the term education is not restricted to what’s written in books or what is taught in the schools alone. Rather education is also what all we absorb & infer from the social circle around and hence , for parents , it becomes all more important that they educate their children about basics including how to react to the various unfavorable situations and how children should develop a constructive approach whereby they should always try to be a part of solution & not the problem alone. More importantly , children should learn how to be a good human being first .Luckily ,our NTPC townships, whereby we all employees from different backgrounds, regions & religions  live together in harmony, provide ample opportunities for that.

Then besides the kids, when it comes to education , we grown -ups too need to keep updating ourselves, to keep educating ourselves because our usual perception is that basic nature of a person can’t be changed and largely it is true also  but if there is one thing which can actually reshape one’s character substantially, then it undoubtedly is Education. That’s because to change the basic characteristics, one has to feel the need to change strongly from inside and education does just that.

And in house institutions like NTPC School of Business (NSB) therefore, provide a great platform for us employees to keep our quest for education going.

All the values & traits that we have talked about so far are just a fraction of what Mahatma Gandhi ji taught in his lifetime which itself shows the magnum opus kind of knowledge he possessed, backed by a character as strong as the rock of Gibraltar. No doubt he was, he is & he will always be a Global Icon.

So next time whenever you take out an Indian currency note from your wallet for anything , just recall the talks of the great man thus printed there & then try to walk those talks while you execute the work assigned to you at offices & sites, which will eventually pave the ideal way for our very own company , NTPC Ltd.,  to reach a  position it so deserves – A Global Leader in Power Sector !

Salute to the Great Man – Our dearest,  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Ji !!


*I am not the owner of the wallpapers used above and same have been downloaded . I therefore sincerely thank the original source.


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