Mahatma Gandhi | The Name is Enough


“If we want real peace in the world, we should start educating children.”

“Be the change you want to see in this world”

“Strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strength. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

The words like the ones above speak volumes about the personality & the character of the person we so rightly call Mahatma. While you may not be an ardent admirer of him but still you just can’t deny the fact that the moment one says or hears ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’ or just ‘Gandhi ji’, the only attribute which engulfs you for a moment is Peace , the only word that resonates in your mind is ‘Non-Violence’ , isn’t it ?
A great scholar, a great warrior, a wonderful orator, an exceptional writer, a man born with extra-ordinary talent – NO ! Gandhi ji was none of these in particular but yet to have an aura which made him rise & shine like anything, despite his simplicity & humbleness, is truly bewildering.
See, the pivotal role of Gandhi ji in our freedom struggle is already know to us all and much has been spoken /written about it. Further insights into Gandhi ji as an individual too have already been presented very well in his Autobiography “The story of my experiments with Truth”. So instead, let’s have a glance at the relevance of a few teachings of Gandhi ji in today’s perspective:

Peace / Non-violence:


 In today’s super hectic world whereby most of us, irrespective of the position we hold or the nature of job we are involved in, are working really hard to make our both ends meet which fortunately or unfortunately does not mean just the survival anymore. Its more about maintaining social standards & attaining associated benchmarks. All this has led to an extremely stressful routine life whereby our internal peace is totally shattered which obviously results in us behaving in a very bad manner externally as well. So much so that on many occasions we get violent while arguing over petty issues. Hence, Peace just becomes a word once heard of. So, what to do?


Sit for a while. Get hold of yourself. Ponder over the issues which disturbed your peace of mind and recall your response to the situations that arose thereof, without being judgmental. Now ask yourself, if you could have handled the situation peacefully, in a relatively better way; if you could have put forth your point in a more subtle manner, without insulting or humiliating the ones opposing you.

Start introspecting yourself on a regular basis, Meditate, indulge in yoga or any other form of physical exercises and over a period of time, you will see peace coming to you – both internally & externally , which eventually will then change the ambiance around for good.


gandhi ji

Love is probably among the most used, most searched and most admired word but look at the irony of the fact that today, it’s an attribute that has gone scarce globally as far as societies & communities are concerned. People all over the world are really short on that feeling of solidarity. And what’s most unfortunate is that we ourselves are the ones who are responsible for this. Look at the issues over which mass destruction / harmony disruptions are taking place every now & then, in one or the other part of the world – Nationality, Borders, Religion etc.

 Forget these bigger scenarios for the moment and just think of the petty issues over which we are getting entangled into totally uncalled & unnecessary arguments & fights every other day – with the neighbours, with the colleagues, with the relatives , with the street vendors etc.The need of the hour is to nurture & spread the feeling of Love. History is full of incidences where Love could do what defence forces couldn’t i.e. bringing the harmony back.


Hence, keeping our big egos aside, let’s forgive & forget, let’s celebrate love, let’s have respect for each other and let’s see the world changing gracefully.



The most powerful tool that will help in much needed paradigm shift for building a progressive nation & hence a progressive world is Education. In fact, it always has been an indispensable attribute because the kind of education one goes through influences the whole mentality & the thought process of an individual which eventually reflects in one’s decisions.


The term education is not restricted to what’s written in books or what is taught in the schools alone, rather education is also something which governs what all we absorb & infer from the social circle around, how we react to the situations, the path that we follow to solve the problems etc. A well-educated person will always be a part of solution & not the problem alone.


Our usual perception is that basic nature of a person can’t be changed and largely it is true also  but if there is one thing which can actually mould & reshape one’s character substantially, then it undoubtedly is Education. That’s because to change the basic characteristics, one has to feel the need to change strongly from inside and Education does just that.

All that we have talked about so far is just a fraction of what Mahatma Gandhi ji taught in his lifetime which itself show the magnum opus kind of knowledge he possessed, backed by a character as strong as the rock of Gibraltar. No doubt he was, he is & he will always be a Global Icon.

Salute to the Great Man – Our dearest,  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Ji !

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