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Many a times my  not – so- travel enthusiasts friends  ask me – Why do you travel so much ? What exactly are you in search of ? All mountains are just the same , then why do you keep exploring new hill stations every now & then ? Same goes for beaches, they are all just the same , they say .

Well I have kind of got used to these questions and  therefore have a standard answer that I travel because travelling makes me rich  to which the people on the other side raise their eyebrows asking how in the world can travelling makes you rich unless of course you are a renowned Travel Blogger . I just  smile back at them saying, ” You won’t understand buddies, it’s richness beyond Dollars. “

And I 100% percent believe what I have just mentioned above. That’s precisely the reason why I would just love to go on a blind date to place I have absolutely no idea about . The very charm of  the surprise elements that will come across give me goosebumps and let loose a sudden Adrenalin rush , out of excitement , throughout my body  .

I am gonna meet so many  new people who might be speaking a language I have never ever heard of , who might be eating food I have never ever tasted , whose dressing sense might be just out of this world ,  who might be having a culture I would so love to be a part of and who might be some really good human beings , may be much better than me .

I am just  being  too optimistic , isn’t it ? So some will argue that life isn’t so happy go lucky , what if the blind date turns out to be a nightmare . To this argument , my statement of defense would be that largely , it depends upon you  as an individual that how you gonna make out of your surroundings , unless of course you are in a prison . Some may feel miserable even  in a luxury Hotel , complaining of one issue or the other  or comparing the hospitality of their current stay to the previous one. Then there are others , who even when stuck in the middle of a road due to say ,car break down or something  , will think of their current situation as a wonderful opportunity to explore the nearby area which wasn’t the part of their original itinerary .

Coming again to the idea of a Blind Travel date with the World ,  I strongly believe , based on my own Travel experiences so far , that the best way for a person to grow is to travel  & to explore places he / she  has never been to because you get know the existence of so many things which  otherwise one wouldn’t even have imagined . Say for example , on the extreme side , what if we get to live among the tribal people , right into the middle of a forest  for a week or so ? So far we have perception that tribal people might be dangerous to us  but what if they turn out to be really simply people full of warmth ?  What I want to conclude here is that Travel helps us expand our horizon so that our  preconceived notions & perceptions about a place or it’s natives  are replaced by real life experiences .

And then , if the place you are visiting is the one you have never been to , just imagine how much scope is there for you to explore the place as well as yourself , for you might get the much needed  time &  space there . If it’s a place where nobody knows you , you no more need to carry burden of your social image and you can do just whatever you want to and fulfill you hidden wishes which you didn’t let to come on surface so far so as to maintain your  so -called reputation  .You can just let yourself a little loose for a while to be like a free soul . Again , considering few specific examples , you might have been a teetotaler so far but who knows, once there, you might  love to try some good wine for the first time and  realize that there really  is no big deal or fuzz  about it . Similarly , you might be a vegetarian and a total no-meat policy guy but then , tasting a roasted chicken leg  there will certainly not kill you . Rather it will give you a liberty to first taste a thing & then decide whether to or not to have it in future . You might not be able to do things like these with known people around .

Basically , travelling given you wings to fly ,  some extra oxygen to breathe and when travelling is mixed with some unknowns , with suspense & surprises , it gives you a high which just can be put into words but under it’s influence , you carry out things which you otherwise wouldn’t have dared to .

But to enjoy the travelling to the fullest , we need to start loving the world , we need to treat every place like our known,we need to be a little open minded  and  start accepting  people who are little different from us any which way . We  just need to have a passion for unknown places & compassion for people residing at these places and then we will certainly find our lives changing upside down  for good  through travelling !

A beautiful video by #Lufthansa  here summarizes why people love travelling and the world  :

Say Yes To The World ! #Lufthansa India


Post Script

You have just read my reasons to love the world , you have heard opinions of some other globetrotters in the video above ,  now it’s time for you to pen down your own reasons to love the world and to travel around it .

Would love to read your take in the comments below .

So friends , keep the wanderlust burning !

Namaste & Take care !

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  1. Thank you so much Rahul 🙂

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  2. RahulYuvi says:

    Hey just checked out your post and it is beautifully written ..Loved the narration suitably backed by the clicks !

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  3. RahulYuvi says:

    Ok . Glad that you liked the blog ! 🙂

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  4. Asha Seth says:

    Yes, that’s what I was talking about.

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  5. RahulYuvi says:

    Thank you so much for kind words but there’s only single photograph in the article..😊


  6. Asha Seth says:

    Splendid. A very beautiful post with some kickass pictures. Great!

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