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Preface :

Outbound trainings are always fun , aren’t they ?  These trainings are supposed to change a typical introvert and shell smitten  employee into a complete team man and a robust leader , that too overnight . While they do bring about change  & helps in self development but lets be honest here & ask ourselves  – isn’t the first thing or say one of the first few things that comes to our mind whenever we are nominated for a far off outbound is , ” O Great !  No office , no chik chik , just 24 Carat  fully sponsored fun is on the way !”  🙂

Presenting here , some wonderful experiences & moments  from one such recent outbound training at Bharatpur , Rajasthan that I was part of  , starting with a few words about the Bharatpur itself first :

 Bharatpur :


Bharatpur is a beautiful Indian city in the eastern Rajasthan which is known worldwide for   Keoladeo Ghana National Park , commonly called the Bharat Bird Sanctuary  which is undoubtedly  an ornithologist’s paradise  with  reportedly more than 250 species of birds already spotted there.It rightly features in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list . As for it’s name ,  Keoladeo refers to the famous hindu God Shiva , signifying the Shiva Temple within it’s premises while Ghana is a hindi language word for being  dense .

Besides the National Park , Bharatpur boasts of temples, forts , museums and many other places worth visiting details of which can be found here at Rajasthan Tourism’s official Website .

{ Read on to find snapshots of beautiful birds that we spotted at bird sanctuary , just a little later in write up ! }

The Penultimate Day :

“All are requested to be ready for boarding at 5:25 a.m. tomorrow ”  said my Whatsapp wall an evening before we were to leave for Bharatpur .  It was a message from dear  Anoop Sir , our Course Director from NTPC, who by the end of the training was more of a wonderful friend than a senior .

“Dear Friends , the bus would be parked outside Kabir House at 5 :00 a.m. “ – pat came another message after few minutes , this time from  now our favourite  Jaideep Sir { or the JD Sir as the respected Ashmeeta Mam ,  his wife, used to call him. } .  Ashmeeta Mam & Jaideep Sir are Managing Directors of Vistaar Management Solutions  – the firm that organized our outbound training .

With these messages  forming the credo for subsequent morning , the  tempo was all set for the fun ride from PMI , Noida to Bharatpur !

Day – 1 


That’s right ,  irrespective of the paraphernalia attached with early morning departure , we Indians just can’t do away with our Tea &  hence , the self made dip – dip beverages marked the commencement on the departure day as well.

And at sharp  05 : 30 a.m. , like a sincere & obedient group , all the 14 boys boarded the bus .How sweet of us , isn’t it ?

Well No, that’s a lie. We actually left around 06:15 a.m.  🙂


And for why I have mentioned boys & not men , please refer 30 Something BUT not an Uncle yet ! 

As the journey progressed ,  the morning ambiance engulfed us with beautiful Sun Rise being the icing on the cake :


An hour or so into the journey , began the  introductory session which we presumed to be a boring & run of the mill activity like the ones in the past but we were wrong . Our training coordinators made sure that there is no dearth of laughter in the bus as we sang, smiled and introduced ourselves in a very informal & raw manner .

The Mid-way Burger 

It was time for a Tea break after we were almost half way there . At that moment ,  Tea break seemed rather more of a polite & polished synonym for the much needed loo break  as it was do or die situation for few of us and the way they rushed towards washroom would have put Usain Bolt to shame.  🙂

Besides, while everybody enjoyed their tea there , I just could not resist my foodie tongue and had a burger, despite being advised not to by fellow friends . And God damn it , that burger got the hell out of me the next day . So guys , please avoid such mid-way stuff but hey , honestly , the taste wasn’t that bad .


The Bagh,Bharatpur 

Finally, after a travel of approximately four hours , we reached our destination , a beautiful resort  at Bharatpur called The Bagh.


After the traditional Rajasthani style welcome , we straightaway headed for our rooms to freshen up before enjoying the luscious lunch .



Activities on Day 1 

So far , the write up must have given you a feel of a typical travel blog but hey , it actually about the outbound training , remember ? So, while giving details of the team building & self assessment activities that unfolded is probably not ethical & fair on my part  but a pictorial mention about the same is indispensable .

1.Jingles ,oh sorry,Ribbons all the way  


 A Glance at the prey  


 The Struggle 


The Winning Dance , without Lungi though !

2. Bullets , Bombs & the Mines 


Lootela , haan Lootela !


Ismein tera ghata ,Mera kuch nahi jata !

3.The Polo & the Toothpick 


When people start taking activities way too seriously !

The Get Together

 Day 1 ended on a high note thanks to the happy get together decorated with singing session having songs varying from Punjabi to Haryanvi to Himachali and some dance performances par excellence  :

Day 2

It’s time to unleash  the Gold that we found at The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary , with another early morning departure , this time to the Kingdom of Aves :


Besides these beautiful feather clad creatures , there were some other birds too whom JD Sir referred  as the right kind of birds however sharing their photographs here will be injurious to health  of all. However , what I can actually share are some clicks from the rickshaw pulling session that we enjoyed there :


Back to Activities :

After returning from National Park ,  breakfast , a little rest and the regular chores , it was time for war again .

1.The Ring Master


2. The Blind Date –  Samrat Kilvesh Kayam Rahe aur Tent Bnata Rahe !




And immediately  after wrapping up the last activity ,  a get together pose was the need of the hour , for the Team which poses together, stays together .


The Desi Oscars 

As we all packed our stuff and were preparing to leave for Noida  , a pleasant surprise awaited us in the form a delightful award ceremony.

It was really special for me because I was awarded the best & the most rocking participant of the Out Bound Training  and I humbly received the prestigious award with tears of joys flooding my eyes as can be seen here :


While I am certainly not a compulsive liar , but my dear friends , this is again a big spoof  , a big lie for I wasn’t even close to being an average participant and so , lets leave the adjectives like the best & the rocking just where they are .  🙂 🙂

On a rather serious & sincere note, this award ceremony was a wonderful wonderful (repetition indented ) gesture by the Vistaar Team whereby each one of us was acknowledged and honoured in a unique way , based on individual characteristics that surfaced during the training . Sharing some happy faces here :




The Adieu

So that was it – One and a half days of shear joy and it was time for us, the new found Band of Boys  to get back to where we started but not before making some great relations and some life long friends . Once again, on the behalf of the whole group , I would like to thank all the three mentors – Anoop Sir , JD Sir and Ashmeeta Mam for a wonderful outing.

bye bye

And as very last few words, a big thank you to the families ( Children & the House In-charges ) that accompanied there for the sportsmanship shown by them by participating whole heartedly in all the activities . Leaving you all with some more shots :


I hope you would have loved reading this travel experience as much as I have loved writing it , for I re-lived every single moment.Would love to hear your feedback.

Please do share the post if you find it worth the same.

Journeys will continue and so shall be my Travelogues , Namaste & take care till the next post !!


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