The famous Vegetarian Thali at the Jalsa Restaurant |Goa

In continuation of #Goa Series Blogs published so far   { Top 2 Exceptionally Exotic Beaches of Goa that you just can’t afford to miss !  and  Resort Rio : Pure luxury or  just the Hype ?  }, it’s time to explore the famous Vegetarian Thali  available at the Jalsa Restaurant , Goa :


Restaurant Being Reviewed:  Jalsa , Resort Rio , Goa

Address:  Arpora, Goa

Bio:  Pure Vegetarian 

Cooking styles offered:  Primarily Indian ( Rajasthani & Gujrati ) 

Best Time to Visit : The all famous Vegetarian Thali available daily after 7:30 p.m.

Feasting Cost for Two (approx.):  Rs. 900-1000


The Review

Location & Vicinity : 

Jalsa  restaurant is located inside a famous Resort called Resort Rio  which is around 3 km from Baga Beach,  on the Calangute – Anjuna street, Arpora and is very conveniently approachable . Vicinity to a beach makes a visit to Jalsa a wise decision as one may opt to go for a Beach walk before or after the Supper .


A Charming Vintage Aura created with a perfect blend of modern infrastructure & traditional decor leaves you in awe as you enter the restaurant. In simple words , it is


I wish I could say so about the food as well . More on it later , but first let’s have a look at the interiors of Jalsa :


Hows the Food Baby ??

Alright then , time to judge the thing that matters most in a Restaurant Review – The Food . Well On papers , the Menu looks fantastic – a beautiful mix of Rajasthani & Gujrati dishes , the details being listed here :


The service along with the hospitality is excellent too  and here’s a glimpse of how the pure vegetarian Thali at Jalsa gives a million dollar look :


What is the issue then ?

The Menu , the Service and the Hospitality are all top notch ,agreed  but { And I would rather like to put this “but” in inverted commas } the taste of the food isn’t exceptional in any which way .  Yes it is good but it’s not finger-licking good . Yes it is sumptuous but it is not out-n-out delicious .

I mean going by the whole larger than life magnificent set up of Jalsa and the charges fixed  for the subject Vegetarian Thali , the expectations of guests are obviously sky high but I am afraid the food does fall a little short of expectations .

While it is never good to compare but would just like to mention that in today’s time ,  when you step in for a Traditional Meal in a Fine-Dining restaurant like Jalsa, there is relatively much more that is offered – not just in quantity , but quality too .  Secondly , the taste of few of the items in the Jalsa Thali definitely has a scope of  betterment.


Conclusion &  Few words of request for the Management 

I think the perfect way to conclude would be that dining at Jalsa is indeed an experience in itself  and I  will definitely recommend to try the Vegetarian Thali at-least once for the overall feeling. However, I would like to request the Chef & the management that Resort Rio & Jalsa have  a stature par excellence , please maintain that in the food too and going by the positive approach of the staff there, I am sure The Jalsa Thali will definitely improve and will eventually be among the best Vegetarian Thalis available in India !!


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Namaste & Take care till my next post !


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