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Food is one thing that brings peace of mind tagging happiness along with it. Well, every cuisine has its own culture, depending on the origin, like, Chinese cuisine has traditional flavours that talk a lot about their culture, Japanese cuisine is more modern, American food is more take & eat type, and French just portrays to you why this dish is one in a million. However, there is one thing common in all the cuisines, food does not taste great unless cooked with love. The cultures and values travel straight from the plate to stomach, then to heart. Well, one such cuisine in this wide palate called “world” is Mughlai.

A cuisine brought to India by the Islamic rulers from Central Asia and neighbouring countries. The name is given after the long-reigning Mughal Empire. The term Mughlai itself says, From Mughal.”The cuisine mainly consists of turfs (Non-Veg food found on land) with the main base usually being chicken or mutton (goat).

As Delhi was the capital of the Mughal Empire, without a doubt, the restaurants serve excellent Mughlai. However, with the formation of another metropolitan, Mumbai, caters to some of the best Mughlai restaurants. Today, we’ll have a look at top Mughlai restaurants in Mumbai.

  • Bademiya

  • Bademiya is a restaurant located behind Taj Street in Colaba. The place is famous across the city for its late-night service. A local food joint in South Mumbai’s prime location that stays open till 4 in the morning on weekends and 2:30 on weekdays.This food place is really cool where people from all the classes and castes come together to enjoy a mouthful of delicacies even in a non-ac sitting.


Dishes to try: Butter Chicken with Roomali Roti, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Dum Biryani and Paneer Bhurji Roll.

Cost for 2: Approx. Rs. 600

  • Sher-e-Punjab

  • Sher-e-Punjab is among the oldest Mughlai restaurant in Mumbai.It is located at multiple locations across the city that serves alcohol with some of the best finger foods to gobble upon.My personal favourite is the one located at P. D’Mello Road, the perfect place to have finger liking food with a drink after a hectic day at work. The place is often quiet with a hint of masala in the air.The place is pinned perfectly on the way from CSMT to Ballard Estate at the GPO four-way. Sher-e-Punjab serves excellent kebabs prepared from minced meat that tends to melt when it touches the human saliva bursting all the flavours loaded in the authentic Mughlai spices.2
  • Dishes to try: Mutton Seekh Kebab, Cheese Chilly Kebab, Chicken Tikka and Biryani.
  • Cost for 2: Rs. 800 without alcohol.
  • Khyber

  • Khyber gets its name from the famous pass located in the Northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan in the Spin Ghar Mountains. The pass acts as a source of transportation between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This fusion of two different countries can be found at Khyber.Located at Kala Ghoda in Mumbai; Khyber has been serving mouth-watering delicacies to locals and foreigners (a hot-joint) from different eras of Mughlai cuisines. Serving one of the best Butter Chicken, this restaurant offers the quality food that suits the palate of Mughlai cuisine perfect for human taste buds.


Dishes to try: Butter Chicken, Chicken Dum Biryani, Methi Malai Mutter and Khasta Roti.

Cost for 2: Rs. 2500 with alcohol.

  • Zaffran

  • Zaffran is located in many places across the city. Zaffran is Persian name for saffron, one of the most used spice in Mughlai.The best Zaffran in Mumbai is the original one, located at Crawford Market. Serving since decades, the taste remains the same along with maintaining quality standards. Zaffran has been featured multiple times by various newspapers for the authentic taste plated in the simplest form on a plate that gives the best experience to one’s body and soul.


Best Mughlai Restaurants in Mumbai

Dishes to try: Handi Biryani, Butter Chicken and Paneer Biryani.

Cost for 2: Rs. 1500

  • Gulshan-e-Iran

  • Gulshan-e-Iran is located on one of the most delicious streets of Mumbai, in an area where Mughlai is not cooked with a recipe, but heart. Gulsha-e-Iran serves tasty Mughlai food at very minimal rates and offers the best experience when it comes to quality non-veg on Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai.Gulshan-e-Iran has been serving the people from different classes for over two decades now with the same enthusiasm and wholeheartedness. Perhaps one of the busiest restaurants in town.

Dishes to try: Chicken Curry and Raspberry Falooda.

Cost for 2: Rs. 750

  • Delhi Darbar by Jaffer Bhai

  • Jaffer Bhai is a very popular name when it comes to authentic island=mic cuisine. The Raan (Lamb) and Ghosht (Goat) are a specialty of this kitchen. There are numerous Jaffer Bhai outlets across the city, however, the one that stands out is Delhi Darbar situated at the finest locations in Mumbai, Colaba Causeway.Delhi Darbar officially offers the best Biryani in Mumbai. Delhi Darbar has been featured on multiple occasions through decades on the cover of many food magazines covering any story on Mughlai.


Dishes to try: Rogan Ghosht and Chicken/Mutton Dum Biryani.

Cost for 2: Rs. 1100

  • Persian Darbar

  • The name is enough to say what they serve. Persia, modern day Iran, is the source of Mughals and Mughlai cuisine. Straight from the roots of the best cuisine in the world, Persian Durbar is one of the best places to have a satisfying 3-course meal.


Dishes to try: Mutton Paaya, Chicken Tikka (Entrée) and Handi Biryani

Cost for 2: Rs. 1200

  • Punjab Grill

  • Punjab Grill can be found at various places throughout the city. The authentic Punjabi restaurants serve on of the best Mughlai dishes known to this heaven of a city, Mumbai.From Town to the Suburbs, people’s thinking changes but not the taste at Punjab Grill. The rates may seem a tad over price, but they are justified, the taste and quantity define the pricing.

14Best Mughlai Restaurants in Mumbai

Dishes to try: Chole Bhature, Chicken Malai Tikka, Raan, Fish Grill and Gulab Jamun.

Cost for 2: Rs. 2000

  • The Bohri Kitchen

  • The Bohri Kitchen is not a restaurant; however, it serves one of the best meals in Mumbai. The Bohri Kitchen is a home dining experience where a maximum of 25 guests are invited at the chef, Nafisa Kapadia’s home, who cooks a delightful 7-course meal herself and served with all the love and heart in the world.The Bohri Kitchen is a personal favourite of Bollywood star, Rishi Kapoor. The food served is impeccable with a hint of spice and authentic taste which makes the experience even more pleasing, The Bohri Kitchen is a must visit dining experience. Nonetheless, vegetarians please stay away.

Not to miss: Mutton Kheema Samosa, Raan, Dum Aloo, Mutton Biryani and Lauki Halwa.

Cost for 2: Rs. 2000

  • Kakori House

  • Perhaps the only restaurant in this list that does not have its origins in South Mumbai. Kakori House is in Mahim. The décor is not fancy, the service is fair and certainly casual dining.Then what makes this place so special? Well, the food is cooked with love, making us ask for more and more. The staff is quite friendly, where they always assist you with their specials. Kakori House is a must-visit place to understand the common man’s taste during the Mughal empire.


Dishes to try: Mutton Kebab

Cost for 2: Rs 1400


As you can see from the list mentioned above, a few restaurants serve fish and none serve pork, the reason being that pork is considered a taboo in the Islamic religion. And fish was not accessible in the inland regions of Persia.

Well, this was our list of best Mughlai restaurants in Mumbai. Did we miss any? Do let us know in the comment sections below.

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