Why is Fitness all more important for couples travelling together

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Hey Guys, meet us – Rahul & Nishtha – an insanely nomadic couple from India who just want to Travel, Eat, Sleep & Repeat. Continuously on the go. While we were anyways planning to write something on how travellers & globetrotters really need to take care of their body’s paraphernalia, we didn’t get the chance. But when we heard of Ensure‘s Stand Up Challenge to test one’s fitness, we immediately decided to pen down something informative & useful on it so as to spread awareness about health among our fellow traveller friends as well as common people. Nishtha even went a step ahead and took up the challenge herself. See for yourself how she fared:

Well, being Fit should not be a target or a one-time milestone. It should be our routine way of life, isn’t it? Because while howsoever cliché it may sound, if health is gone, everything is gone.

And who knows this better than ardent travelling couple like ourselves. Based on our own experience, we can tell you that while the travel photographs uploaded by travellers & tourists on their social media handles look out of the world with wide smiles, in reality, the protagonists in the photographs aren’t that happy because of health issues they are facing while travelling. So, if you are not fit enough, obviously you can camouflage the virtual fun for other people but if you really want to enjoy each & every moment of your travel, your exploration, your vacations with your partner, you really need to take care of your health.

Especially if you are an adventure traveller, it becomes more important for you to take care of your muscle strength. While we are not a doctor or a health researcher but both my wife & I are very particular about our health because travel is something we cannot give up on. For that, we obviously should know how to be healthy as a travelling couple.

We approximately lose 8% of our muscle mass every decade. That means if you are in 30s, then by the time you will reach your 70s (we really wish you all do reach there, despite all the junk food & pollution around 🙂), another 32 % of your muscle mass in all probability will be gone if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle.

And when we say Healthy Lifestyle, we obviously mean:

  • Daily Exercise – Charge yourself up, at-least in the morning
  • Good Eating habits – say no to junk food
  • Good Sleeping habits – Early to bed & Early to rise 
  • Say no to Smoking/Drinking/Drugs – Enjoy a freshly squeezed lime water instead
  • Start taking a supplement for maintaining Muscle strength (you may consult doctor if required)

So, my dear friends, travellers & travelling couples, it’s high time that we start paying maximum attention to our health especially to our muscle strength so that we can continue our travel quest, quenching our wanderlust.

For the Travelling Couples like us, all we want to say is that take care of your as well as your partner’s health because life is best enjoyed together and hence the couples who stay healthy together – travel together and make memories together.

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I hope you found the write up above useful. Thank you Ensure for coming up with such thoughtful Campaign related to health.

Namaste & Take care.


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Knowledge Section :

You may like to read an article by Harvard Medical School regarding preserving muscle mass , link of which is given here for your ready reference :

[i] https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/preserve-your-muscle-mass

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