The best places to stay in Vietnam during Christmas Time

Many people will consider heading to gorgeous Vietnam at some point in their lives. With tasty food, friendly locals and stunning sights to take in, it is easy to see why. Many, though, will not think of making the trip over Christmas time and instead choose to travel there in summer. This is a mistake, as staying in Vietnam over the Xmas period is very enjoyable – and makes for a heart-warming experience.

To make the most of any trip there over Christmas, the below are the best places in Vietnam to head.


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and as such it’s a lively and fascinating place to spend Christmas. The whole city is decorated come December, so you will really get into the festive mood here. Walking around the streets when the sun goes down to take in all the lights is really something, too. Hoan Kiem Lake is a great part of Hanoi to explore, as it has a real flavour of authentic Vietnamese culture. St Joseph’s Cathedral is also a great spot to see over Christmas in Hanoi.


Danang is found in central Vietnam, and it’s definitely a great place to spend Christmas. Whether with kids, as a couple, or even by yourself – you will love the magical experiences on offer here. But what does this location have which makes it special? To begin with, there is the Sunworld Danang amusement park which is great fun and looks fabulous over Christmas with its twinkling lights. If you are lucky enough to be there on Christmas Eve, a trip to Dragon Bridge is worthwhile to take in the celebrations.


Beautiful Hoi An is a UNESCO listed site, which tells you all you need to know about the beauty it possesses. This majesty is even more apparent over Christmas and really adds to the charm. Come Christmas Eve, for example, coloured lanterns are hung along the city streets – which is quite something to behold. The food here is also very tasty, which makes it ideal for those into exotic cuisine. With the relaxed atmosphere, stunning ancient city to explore and pleasant temperatures, you will love spending time here over Christmas.


If you want to get away for a beach holiday during Christmas, then lovely Nha Trang is the ideal place in Vietnam. Warm temperatures and crystal clear water help to make this a superb destination if you want a different kind of Christmas. Naturally, there are also lots of water-based activities to try out here, such as snorkelling and swimming. To really help make it a Christmas to remember, why not book in for a cruise around Nha Trang Bay?


As this city is in the South of the country, it is perfect if you like warmer weather. Don’t worry – the friendly locals and festive cheer mean you will still get the magical feeling that Christmas is all about. The Notre Dame Cathedral is worth a visit here for its awesome architecture, while Nguyen Hue walking street brings people together at this time of year. For those who want to celebrate Christmas with a drink, Bui Vien Street is the place to go.

Wherever you head in Vietnam over Christmas, one thing is for sure – you will have an awesome time. Although it is mainly a Buddhist country, it still makes every effort to celebrate the occasion and make the festive period special for all. If you want a few ideas on the best places to stay over Christmas there, the above tips should help.


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