What we did differently to increase our Blog’s viewership exponentially

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Well to begin with ,  Nishta and myself , Rahul , would like to wish all my dear friends reading this post right now a very very Happy New Year . May you all be blessed with best of health & happiness in the year 2020 .


                                                                                                                                                                      *Picture Credit : Giphy

And as has been the trend in the last 02 years ( 2017 & 2018 ) , our readers & followers have really been kind this year (2019) too with their good word of mouth about our Blog as a result of which we saw a rise of  108 %  in our viewership when compared with year 2018 . And percentage age increase in viewership as well number of unique visitors  on our website with respect to the very first year , is exponential . We would rather let following official wordpress stats do the talking in the subject matter :

Figures are as under :

Year 2016 :

No. of Visitors – 105 ; Views  – 148

Year 2017 :

No. of Visitors – 3038 ; Views  – 1866

Year 2018 :

No. of Visitors – 5574 ; Views  – 10.1 K

Year 2019 :

No. of Visitors – 10.6 K ; Views  – 21.1 K

While we are ever so thankful to our readers  & friends who have made this possible ,  but we would like to share with you very briefly , what exactly we have we been doing that has contributed a lot to this increase in Organic viewers on our Blog :

Featured Image -- 6771

  • We worked consistently & religiously on our content . As we slowly learnt the art of blogging, we understood that besides sharing usual travel stuff , one must share practical & precise information that may prove to be useful to the reader . Besides frequency of posting is very very important . One good article per week is minimum that is expected of you to keep your readers glued . Keep offering them something new, something interesting , even if that means giving free do-follow backlink against a high quality content ,atleast once in a while .
  • We made a rule , particularly in 2019, not to publish an article below 1000 words , be it our own write up or a guest post , making sure the content is still the king . See the idea was that to properly explain a particular destination as an explorer , there has to have some guideline and some pre-defined structure that you wish to offer to your loyal readers and hence the word limit ,besides other parameters .
  • Learnt Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the word go , right from the scratch only to find that yes, it is relevant and important but certainly not that Huge a thing which has been made out it by people having vested interests . There is suddenly a flood of SEO Companies in the market, some even  making false promises & charging dollars for committing to create quality backlinks for you . But even after 3-4 months , all you receive are fancy colourful excel sheets where they tell you where all they have created backlinks for you . But if you will go into detail, you will find that maximum of them are merely no-follow links created on God knows which country’s site . Best alternative that we would suggest is just get yourself equipped, it will take time but gradually you will be able to do above average SEO for your blog all by yourself .
  • We realized in complete sense that no amount of marketing is enough for your content . So we just went all out to promote each of our blog . Be it social media marketing , email marketing , whatsapp and what not .You name it and we assure you to the tune of 80 % probability in advance that we have promoted our posts on that platform.
  • Last but essentially not the least , we learnt from the experience that while extensive marketing is a must these days but marketing too has to be done intelligently and smarty , by shortlisting actually valuable platforms . Dumping  link to your so well written article on random platforms like garbage would be shear wastage of time & energy . Specifically , we really didn’t knew earlier that reaching out to right persons individually through emails , telling them about your blog and then waiting patiently for their reply without bothering any further is probably one of the most powerful tool to spread a word about your Blog . But choosing right persons to mail is the key . We for example targeted people having passion about Travel & Food . But like we mentioned earlier, don’t force yourself on someone . Just drop a courteous & polite mail with a short but relevant subject . Introduce yourself & your blog neatly and then respect their decision to or even not to respond  . We sometimes received a reply even after 3 months . But believe us , even if 30 % of these influential and carefully listed people find your Blog worth talking & sharing about and decide to respond , your Blog will automatically go on roll as you will start getting genuine organic traffic from these people’s website as they most of the times agree to provide atleast no-follow link redirecting to your website if not do-follow link per say.


So that was it . We hope by adopting some of the steps mentioned above , even your Blog will see a great rise .

Thank you once again and please keep extending your support to us in the year 2020 as well .

bye bye


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  1. Glad that you found the post useful! 😊


  2. nitinsingh says:

    Informative thnx to share 🙏🙏

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  3. Thank you so much .Glad you find it useful


  4. Chaitrali says:

    Very helpful tips 👍

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