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For traveling to Varanasi, there certainly is no particular pick amongst tourists. First you have to understand that Varanasi can just not be compared to any other destinations within the country. A place is a Holy place for Hindus. At the same time, it is also visited by tourists that are nearby to the City area.

Apart from this, all other travelers from other parts of the country also visit Varanasi, regularly. Then there is yet another category of tourists that are International travelers. These are people who are attracted by the traditions and culture of Varanasi and often visit this place year-round.

Still, Varanasi is a city that has its climate just like any other place in the country. Being preferred destinations amongst pilgrims, the place highly crows during the pilgrimage season.

Highly preferred by Pilgrims


The destination is more ideally known as the Pilgrims destination. The belief is also distinct amongst Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims, who visit Varanasi during different times in a year. There are also individuals who prefer visiting Varanasi to have a holy dip in the Ganges River.

People who want to perform special rituals and make offerings to their loved ones who are no more amongst them can come here at any time of the year to make their offerings. So the place is usually overcrowded by visitors and travelers throughout the entire year.

The place is ideally located in the Northern parts of the country. This is one of the reasons why we are discussing this particular article. Varanasi is one of the places in the country that is known for having extreme climatic and temperature conditions. So the place is extremely hot in summer and also extreme cold in winter.

Still, if you are not the type who prefers traveling in the hot dry summer seasons then winter is the right time for you to come to Varanasi.

Summers – usually experienced during the months of April onwards till June when the temperature in most parts of the City is between 28 to 45°C. So nothing is predictable.

Winters – The season is between October onwards till March when the temperature gets more chilly between 5 to 27°C.

Monsoon – This is also one of the seasons that is experienced by Varanasi and lies in between July to September months. The temperature during this time is just ideal between 24 to around 32°C.

So, How to plan your trip to Varanasi and when?

Manikarnika Ghat

Here we will still try and provide you with a few details that will help you make the right decision. But you need to keep in mind that temperature conditions are not exactly predictable. So the moment you want to plan your travel, always be familiar with the weather conditions in advance.

Summer Vacation Plans

You certainly have to plan your summer travels between April and June months. The sun may get overhead and hot. The summers in Varanasi are dry, and extreme temperatures are experienced.

We have already provided you with details of temperatures you may experience during this time. If you want to plan your travel, then it should always be avoided between May month and June month as you may never like the weather during this time of the year.

Still if you have to travel to Varanasi during this season then always be prepared for light showers along the Ghats. Also, try and go for sightseeing only during the evening times.

Monsoon vacation plans

The monsoon in Varanasi is short but in July till September. The temperature during this time is very low and pleasant. The landscapes are quite lush green and appealing. Varanasi receives a lot of rains and heavy showers, as well.

The outside temperature is humid as well, and most parts of the city may face water clogging problems. Traveling inside the city during monsoon is also difficult. Lots of people usually avoid traveling to Varanasi during monsoon seasons.

Winter vacation plans

During winters, Varanasi is the best destination for travelers. Your best winter travels can be planned from November onwards till March month. The temperature is also favorable and pleasant. Cold wind waves are very common during this season.

In a few days you may also notice that temperature falls to as low as 5°C. The winter season is fun in Varanasi. You can enjoy traveling inside the city limits this season. There are many places that can be enjoyed during winter travel plans in Varanasi.

Many people often enjoy their dip in the cold water of the River Ganga during this season as well. So if you are planning your travel, then winter is the best time to visit Varanasi. You may not feel the heat or monsoon showers in winter. So if you want to travel to Varanasi, then winter is the best time to travel.

Written By : Kavita Negi


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  1. Absolutely..I hope you have seen the famous prayer ritual, what we call here in India as “Aarati” , on the banks of river ganga at Varanasi . The view & ambiance at that time is phenomenal.


  2. Dane Parker says:

    Benaras, often called as Varanasi; is definitely a city everyone should visit. It’s peaceful and tranquil environment filled with chants and mantras can lift your spirits up!

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