10 Things You Ought To Do When Going On A Vacation To Las Vegas |Guide to Vegas

Las Vegas is the kind of city that promises tourists with a nice blend of copious fun, excitement, and high spirits. It is all about participating in unforgettable indulgences and carving some good memories with your loved ones. 

The hypnotic charm of Las Vegas is famous across the world so much so that one gets to hear the quote “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’’ in many movies, time and again.

So, what happens when you plan a trip to Las Vegas. Well, all we can say is that you will find yourself in your element here and rightly so! Wanna know the reason why? For that, here is a list wherein you will find the top 10 things to do on a vacation to Las Vegas.

Let’s get started.

Visit The Strip

Interesting name, isn’t it? This is basically a 2.5-mile long-stretch that is running directly from within the city. In this particular area, you will be finding various entertainment palaces and hubs which will rightly suit your amusement needs. 



Those, who like to explore the nightlife will simply love this place. During the night, it feels as if the whole strip is glittered and brightened with neon lights. The scene comes across as very lively.

Fremont Street Experience


This is a pedestrian-only area, however, it has many highlighting features that you would love to explore. For instance, the canopy of lights that cover the whole five blocks illuminates the sky quite magically. This scene is quite fantastic to witness during the night time. Moreover, many street performances by eminent groups also make the tourists want to stay more and more here.

Helicopter Rides Over Grand Canyon

How about doing something daring? Yes, when it comes to exploring and channelizing the adventurer in you, a helicopter ride over Grand Canyon is completely unmissable.


Grand Canyon is one of the best tourist destinations to visit in Las Vegas. The views of the vast skies and magnificent rocks are really heart-warming to explore.

The Paris Las Vegas (Eiffel Tower)


This is a famous hotel and casino, located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The highlighting point of this hotel is the miniature model of Eiffel Tower which attracts a great number of tourists on an annual basis. From here, one can see a complete 360-degree view of the city’s skyline. There is also a mock hot air balloon integrated with neon and flashing lights.

High Roller Ferris Wheel, Linq


Situated on the far end of the Linq Promenade the High Roller Ferris Wheel stands at a height of around 550 feet. It takes about thirty minutes to complete a full round wherein the tourists get to watch some really incredible views of the city.

Caesar Palace and the Colosseum

Situated right in the middle of the strip, the Caesar Palace is a huge complex where you can choose to entertain yourself in innumerable ways. Many big shot celebrities have performed and have graced the stage with their sheer presence in the past here. Some of the names include Celine Dion and Elton John. 


However, before checking-in don’t forget to see the ticket prices and timings.

Mob Museum


If you want to explore something really out of the place in Las Vegas then Mob Museum situated in Nevada is a must-visit. It is majorly dedicated to showcasing the Mob history of America by means of engaging and interactive video clips. What’s interesting is that the exhibits deal and display everything from little nuances to major things about the exhibits.  

Stratosphere Tower

If you are keen on witnessing the immeasurable skyline of Las Vegas then you have got to visit the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. Standing proud at a height of above 1,000 feet this tower is truly a phenomenal gem of Las Vegas.

Aerial View of Casino Stratosphere Las Vegas

The feeling of standing on the podium up above 1000 feet in the sky and seeing the vast and engaging spectacle before your eyes will surely leave a lasting impact on your life. 

Vegas Indoor Sky Diving

It is truly said that the city of Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint anyone. Yes, for those, who are looking for a bit of adventure in this city of fun and excitement must give a try to the Indoor Sky Door Skydiving.  

Madame Tussaud’s 

This is a place where the people can find their favourite Hollywood Stars amazingly built wax statues. The figures here are very lifelike. Many people can find this to be a little eerie as well, however, the major focus in this museum has always been on making the statues of people who have been closely associated with the city of Las Vegas. 


So, that was it. If you are looking for perpetual excitement and unabashed fun, then Las Vegas is the place to start with! 


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  1. Very True..Corona Scare has ruined many industries including Travel & Tourism .Just wish the misery and panic ends and affected people get well soon .

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    I’ve never been to Las Vegas and my only introduction the city, not too sure how correct, was while watching CSI television series! WThanks for sharing, I would love to visit one day to see everything in person. Although it doesn’t look like anyone is going anywhere due to the coronavirus 🙈🙈🙈

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  3. Glad to know that 😊

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  4. Thanks for the simple and sufficient guide tour of LA! Loved it.

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