Stress-Free Vacation: Do These 8 Important Things Before Leaving Your House


Everyone needs to go on a vacation or holiday trip once in a while. It is important for one’s well-being because it allows people to recharge and reset their lives.

Your vacation is important and you may be preoccupied days before with packing and getting your travel essentials. Thus, leaving you a tendency to forget some important things to check or do at home before you leave.

We know you have waited so long for this and you deserve to have a stress-free vacation. All the more, check the things below before leaving to ensure a happy return home.

1. Clean up

Never put off the cleaning up when you get back. The travel to your destination may not feel tiring, because you are excited.

Going back, though, is different. It is grueling because it is like going back to reality after days in euphoria.

Having said that, cleaning is the last thing on your mind. You may feel lazy and still find yourself on holiday mode to do some de-cluttering.

Therefore, before you leave; change your bed covers, do a bit of vacuuming, and make sure to wash the dishes and clean the sink. Do not forget to clear the dishwasher too and put the clean cutleries in their respective cupboards. Doing so prevents pest and vermin from infesting your home while you are away.

You do not have to do a big-time clean, though. Just do your weekly routine if you have one. It will definitely feel much better to come to a clean home.

2. Do your laundry

Soiled clothes should not be left unwashed for a long time. Not only it affects the quality of the clothes, but it is also just not a good idea.

Doing your laundry before you leave gives you a chance to dry up and clean up your washing machine too. Which makes it ready for another pile of used clothes when you get back.

3. Throw perishable items

After a relaxing holiday away, the last thing you wanted to happen is coming home to a stinky fridge. That’s why before you leave, it is important to survey the fridge and the pantry and make sure to throw or giveaway perishable items.

Fresh fruits and vegetables do not last for more than a week. Pieces of bread or cakes will expire in three days max. And milk will definitely go off quickly too.

So, you can either cook it so you can bring homemade snacks during your trip or give it to your neighbors for better use.

Keep in mind that spoiled items serve as good breeding grounds for pests and insects which is another thing you have to avoid. So make sure to get rid of these items before stepping out of the house.

4. Unplug all electronics

Not staying at home for a few days is a good excuse to save up from your electric consumption. Make sure you get the most of it by unplugging all electronics while you are away.

Doing so prevents any fire or unnecessary emergencies that may happen during your absence.

5. Throw out garbage

Just like spoiled items, garbage is the perfect breeding ground for pests and fruit flies. And leaving the house for days without emptying your trash bins is definitely not a good idea.

By the time you come back, the damage has already been done. And sometimes, a simple clearing out does not let those pests go away easily. Hence, Maid Sailors Cleaning Service Chicago advises that you schedule a deep cleaning session or book a pest control group.

Otherwise, your house might never recover from the infestation.

6. Pay all your bills

Spending some time away from what you do on a daily basis is fun. But also, it can wipe your cash off in an instant.

Hence the reason why some travelers would only bring budgeted pocket money with them is to avoid overspending. Others would even opt to leave their credit cards behind.

Do whichever works for you best. But never forget to pay all your bills first before you set aside some spending money for the holiday.

It keeps you on track and organized with your hard-earned cash. Do not fall into the trap of borrowing from someone else just to save you for the month. It could be stressful, especially with added late fees on top.

7. Put mail service on hold

Uncollected mails on your front door give away the idea that the property is not manned. This makes your home susceptible to burglary.

In order to avoid such cruel doing, contact your local post office and ask them to suspend any mails that may come in the next day or so. Provide the exact dates if you wish.

However, we suggest you give it like a two day extra before you leave and after you arrive. Just to be sure you are really at the property already when they resume their services.

8. Notify your bank

If you decide to bring any cards with you for some emergency money on the side, do not forget to notify your bank before leaving.

Some, if not all, banks temporarily suspend any card activities apart from its domiciling location or where the account was opened. That is only if they were not notified beforehand. This practice avoids any unusual transactions and in case the card gets lost.

Some banks call it a “travel flag”. It is a status they put in your account as a way of saying that any foreign transactions are authorized. And when you come back, make sure to have it lifted too.

Because, likewise, if the travel flag is still on and you are already back in your state of residence, the banks may still suspend any card activities as well.

Traveling is fun and good for the soul. Make it even more stress-free by doing some extra precautions ahead of time. That way, you will not feel like you are dragging yourself back as you make your way home.


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